Who was MVP in 1964?

Who was MVP in 1964?

Brooks Robinson
AL MVP Voting

Rank Name Tm
1 Brooks Robinson BAL
2 Mickey Mantle NYY
3 Elston Howard NYY

Who won most Cy Young Awards?

Roger Clemens
Roger Clemens (7 Cy Young Awards) The Rocket is the Cy Young Award record-holder, with an incredible seven. Clemens won Cy Young Awards in both leagues, with four different teams: the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Yankees and Astros.

Who was the youngest pitcher to win the Cy Young Award?

Dwight Gooden
In 1978, Gaylord Perry (age 40) became the oldest pitcher to receive the award, a record that stood until broken in 2004 by Roger Clemens (age 42). The youngest recipient was Dwight Gooden (age 20 in 1985).

Has anyone won the MVP and Cy Young?

Justin Verlander After his 2006 Rookie of the Year campaign and 2011 Cy Young and MVP season, the consistent, durable Verlander finished as the Cy Young runner-up three times before capturing the award a second time as a 36-year-old in 2019.

Who has won 4 Cy Youngs in a row?

Randy Johnson won four consecutive Cy Young Awards, and the last of those in 2002 was his most magnificent. That year he went 24-5 and led the National League in wins, strikeouts and ERA.

Has a reliever won the MVP?

It would be 31 years before another reliever won an MVP Award, with Rollie Fingers ending the drought in 1981. Willie Hernandez and Eckersley followed in 1984 and ’92, respectively, and no reliever has been named MVP since.

Has any pitcher hit for the cycle?

Only one current team in MLB has never had a player hit for the cycle: the Miami Marlins. A natural cycle has been completed 14 times in modern MLB history, most recently by Gary Matthews Jr. of the Texas Rangers in 2006.

Has a pitcher ever won the MVP?

Since the advent of the Cy Young Award, which was first handed out in 1956, only 12 pitchers (nine starting pitchers) have been named MVP. Just three (Shohei Ohtani, Justin Verlander and Clayton Kershaw) have won one since 1992, when reliever Dennis Eckersley took home AL MVP honors.

Who has the most Gold Gloves in MLB history?

pitcher Greg Maddux
The most Gold Gloves ever won by one player is 18 by pitcher Greg Maddux. He won 13 consecutive awards from 1990 to 2002, all in the National League.