Where is Schaeffler headquarters?

Where is Schaeffler headquarters?

Herzogenaurach , Germany

Type Aktiengesellschaft
Industry Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial
Founders Dr. Wilhelm Schaeffler Dr.-Ing. E. h. Georg Schaeffler
Headquarters Herzogenaurach , Germany
Area served Worldwide

What are the products of Schaeffler India Ltd?

Ball monorail guidance systems.

  • Counterstay system with needle roller and cylindrical roller flat cages.
  • Electric drives and controls.
  • Guideways.
  • Individual system solutions.
  • J and S guideways with needle roller flat cage.
  • Linear modules.
  • Linear recirculating ball bearing units.
  • What is the business of Schaeffler India?

    Schaeffler India Limited previously known as FAG Bearings India Ltd is one of India’s major ball and rolling bearing manufacturers servicing the automotive and multiple core industrial segments. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located at Maneja and Savli near Vodadara Gujarat.

    What happened to Schaeffler India?

    Schaeffler India Closure of Trading Window The exchanges are hereby informed that the Trading Window of the Company will be closed from April 1, 2022 in compliance with the Companys Code on Prohibition of Insider Trading.

    When did Schaeffler share India split?

    Schaeffler India Ltd.

    Announcement Date Old FV Ex-Split Date
    28-10-2021 10 08-02-2022
    03-01-1996 100

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    NEW DELHI: Tuesday will see corporate actions in a total of four companies in terms of stock splits and dividend issues. Among them is Jubilant FoodWorks, which will go ex-split today. The company shares will split from face value of Rs 10 each to face value of Rs 2 each.

    What happens to stock after split?

    After a split, the stock price will be reduced (because the number of shares outstanding has increased). In the example of a 2-for-1 split, the share price will be halved.

    Is share split good?

    Is a stock split good? Generally speaking, stock splits are a good sign because they mean that a company has done so well over time that the price of a single share is too expensive for an average retail investor.

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