What does Al-Rehab silver smell like?

What does Al-Rehab silver smell like?

Silver by Al-Rehab is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for women and men.

What are Al-Rehab perfumes?

One of the most sought after Al-Rehab perfumes.” Al-Rehab is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading perfume manufacturer which creates fine traditional Arabian and oriental perfumes. The perfumes are made of precious natural essences (Oud, Rose of Taif, Incense, Musk, Sandalwood and rare spices).

Is rehab a city?

El Rehab (Arabic: مدينة الرحاب pronounced [mæˈdiːnɪt eɾ. ɾeˈħæːb], literal meaning: “City of Spaciousness”) is a district of New Cairo and a part of Greater Cairo, in the Cairo Governorate, Egypt. It’s a private city built by the Talaat Moustafa Group….El Rehab.

El Rehab مدينة الرحاب
Time zone UTC+2 (EET)

Do Indians use oud?

“The most preferred oud is from India, known locally as oud Hindi and followed by those from Cambodia and Malaysia,” Layana Mohammed, an oud salesperson in Dubai, told Al Arabiya English.

How do you use Al Rehab silver?

I use it at the beach! Al Rehab Silver layers quite well with dried salty water and sun lotion. Its scent becomes really similar to Al Wisam Day from Rasasi which is quite expensive, and it’s a scent I prefer to Siver Mountain Water.

How much does Al-Rehab silver cost?

Although if we equate it to 100 ml its price would be around 15 $. Thanks Al – Rehab for doing such a good job, plz continue this. If you’re reading this review, you are more than likely aware that Al-Rehab Silver is a clone of Creed’s Silver Mountain Water.

Which is better Al Rehab silver or silver mountain water?

OK, now the unavoidable Al Rehab Silver (ARS) vs. Silver Mountain Water (SMW) debate. I may be in the minority, but while quality-wise and evolution-wise the meadl definitly goes to SMW, i’m not going to lie : I like ARS better. It lasts longer and projects better. And of course the very low price (5 euros for 35 ml) is definitly a plus.

Does anyone wear Al Rehab 6ml as a souvenir?

Usually when someone return from Hajj, they would bring the dozen of Al Rehab 6ml as souvenirs. I had an upperclassman who seemingly has numbers of this and Sultane I think, I don’t really know I’m not close so I couldn’t really ask and he would wear this daily.