Is there a special phone for the blind?

Is there a special phone for the blind?

The MiniVision2 is a basic cell phone with large tactile buttons that is one hundred percent accessible to individuals who are blind. The phone speaks everything on the screen and everything that is typed. It can also be controlled to a large extent through voice commands.

What cell phones are best for the visually impaired?

10 Best Cell Phones for Blind And Visually Impaired

  1. Jitterbug Flip. Jitterbug flip phone is a cell phone which keeps it easy for the Blind and visually impaired to stay connected.
  2. Lucia Cell Phone :
  3. Google Pixel:
  4. iPhone.
  5. BlindShell Classic:
  6. BlindShell 2 Borque.
  7. Ray L5 Flip:
  8. Ray S7:

What’s the best smartphone for a blind person?

Best Cell Phones for the Visually Impaired in 2022

  • Jitterbug Smart3 : Best Overall Value.
  • Apple iPhone SE : Easiest to Use.
  • Jitterbug Flip2 : Best Budget Option.
  • Moto G7 : Best Voice Commands.
  • Raz Mobility MiniVision2 : Best Phone for Blind Users.

How do you make a blind phone accessible?

Download Android Accessibility Suite, which includes the Accessibility Menu, Select to Speak, Switch Access, and TalkBack. You can find Android Accessibility Suite on devices with Android 9 and higher. Review Android device settings for ways to customize your device.

Can you get a Braille phone?

London-based firm OwnFone has released what it says is the world’s first Braille phone. The front and back of the phone is constructed using 3D printing techniques and can be customised.

Is there an iPhone for the blind?

The Apple iPhone operating system, known as iOS, was the first smartphone to include a complete suite of accessibility features for users with visual impairments, including the Zoom screen magnifier and the VoiceOver screen reader. These features are currently available in all new models of iPhones and iPads.

How can a blind person use an iPhone?

VoiceOver + braille You can use a refreshable braille display connected via Bluetooth to your Apple device or enter braille directly on the touchscreen using Braille Screen Input. Braille is automatically converted to text in a caption panel on Mac so sighted people can follow along with VoiceOver descriptions.

Which iPhone is best for a blind person?

If you’re in the market for a full screen display, a great option for visually impaired users is Apple’s flagship iPhone 12 line. The standard iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max are all great options! With larger screens in mind, we recommend the iPhone 12 Pro for improved visibility.

How do I make voice-activated phone calls?

Voice Dialer

  1. Press the “Home” button, which has the image of a house on it.
  2. Tap the apps option, which is in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap “Voice Dialer” and wait a moment for the “Listening” message to appear on the display.
  4. Say “Call” and then the name of the person you want to call.