What size is a Trek 7.3 FX?

What size is a Trek 7.3 FX?

Trek 7.3 FX – 17.5″ – Wheel & Sprocket | One of America’s Best Bike Shops.

How much does a Trek FX weigh?

27.72 lbs
FX 1 is a hybrid bike with a lightweight aluminum frame and quality parts that perform wherever you like to ride….Specifications.

Weight M – 12.57 kg / 27.72 lbs
Weight limit This bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 300 pounds (136 kg).

Is Trek 7.3 FX a hybrid?

The Trek 7.3 FX Hybrid Bike 2016 produces the perfect blend of road bike speed and city bike comfort, utilising the Alpha Gold Aluminium frame to produce everyday durability with a light-weight edge. perfect for anything from your everyday commute to afternoon long sessions.

Is the Trek FX a gravel bike?

Because of that, Trek just redesigned its FX Sport Carbon series to take riders beyond the pavement and onto the gravel. The new design focuses on hybrid urban/rural capability, with beefier tires plus more clearance, flat bars for control, and a taller head tube for a slightly more upright ride.

Is a Trek bike good?

With the reputation for quality and range of bicycles on offer, Trek would be considered a good bicycle for commuting to work. Many of the products in their range of commuting bicycles come ready made for accepting racks and mudguards / fenders and lighting accessories too.

What size is a small Trek bike?

Sizing conversion

Alpha size XS S
Frame size 13.5 15.5
Rider height 147-155 cm 4’9”-5’1” 153-162 cm 5’2”-5’3.8

What type of bike is Trek FX?

hybrid bike
FX 1 is a hybrid bike with a lightweight aluminum frame and quality parts that perform wherever you like to ride. It’s perfect for anyone looking to get out more, ride as a family, do a bit of exercise, or commute to work on a versatile bike backed by a lifetime warranty.

Where are Trek FX bikes made?

In the rest of this guide, we’ll explain exactly where Trek bikes are made and other interesting information about the company. Trek bikes are made in China, Taiwan, Cambodia, and other countries. Trek Bikes are no longer fully produced in the USA, however, they do assemble some of their bikes in the United States.

Is Trek FX a good road bike?

FX is comfortable and versatile enough for wherever you roam—whether you’re commuting on city streets, cruising over crushed gravel roads, or hitting your local bike path. Disc brakes offer more stopping power so you can ride with confidence and stop with ease.

What does Trek FX stand for?

The FX stands for fitness: Designed to fit every riding need, the Trek FX series of hybrid bikes make a great ride for exercise or transportation, at a friendly pricepoint.