How do I contact TRS in Illinois?

How do I contact TRS in Illinois?

Contact Us

  1. Member Services phone: 877-927-5877 (877-9-ASK-TRS)
  2. Springfield office address: 2815 W. Washington St., Springfield, IL 62702-3397.
  3. Lisle office address: 4200 Commerce Ct., Ste. 101, Lisle, IL 60532-3611.
  4. Mailing address for both TRS locations: P.O. Box 19253, Springfield, IL 62794-9253.

How do I make an appointment with TRS Illinois?

To schedule an appointment with a TRS counselor (telephone, video or in-person) members should telephone TRS Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at (877) 927-5877. We do not schedule same day appointments. TRS prohibited all visitors in March of 2020 due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How do I withdraw from TRS Illinois?

To obtain a refund, a member must file a Refund Application with TRS. The application is avail- able by calling TRS’s Member Services Division at 877-927-5877 (877-9-ASK-TRS). The application can be returned any time after the member has formally resigned from his or her TRS-covered position.

When can I retire TRS Illinois?

31, we consider you to have attained age 55 on the preceding June 1. * If you are a TRS member currently employed by a state of Illinois agency, you may retire under the Rule of 85 if you meet eligibility criteria….Retirement Eligibility.

Years of Service Age
10 60
20 55 (discounted annuity)
35 55*

When can Illinois TRS retire?

TRS allows for an unreduced retirement annuity with the following: Age 55 with 35 years of service. Age 60 with 10 years of service. Age 62 with 5 years of service.

Can you borrow money from your TRS account?

Loan Amount Although plans differ, you are generally able to borrow a minimum of $1,000 up to the smaller of 50% of your vested balance or $50,000.

Can I retire after 20 years of teaching in Illinois?

Teachers are eligible to retire in IL with a discounted annuity IF they are at least age 55 but have not yet turned age 60 AND have at least 20 years of service credit.

What happens to my teachers pension if I quit?

Your benefits will remain to your credit and will be added to benefits you earn in the future. If you take up other employment outside teaching it may be possible to transfer that credit to your new pension provider. If you leave your pension benefits in the Scheme they will be Index-linked from the date you leave.

What happens to my pension if I quit teaching in Illinois?

If you cease teaching, you may receive a refund of your retirement contributions. A refund of contributions should be carefully considered because it terminates your benefits and will be costly to repay if you return to teaching service.

Can you borrow from your pension to buy a house?

If you have a 401(k) plan (or a qualifying pension plan), there’s a good chance you can borrow from it to help you buy a home. Assuming you don’t have any outstanding 401(k) loans, you can borrow, without paying tax on the borrowed funds, up to 50 percent of your vested account balance with a maximum of $50,000.