What is family table in Windchill?

What is family table in Windchill?

Family Tables in the latest release use a richer internal data set than in earlier releases. Therefore, migrated Family Table objects need to be saved & uploaded in Windchill 9.0 to view their internal data and verification status correctly. To display a Family Table in Windchill: 1.

What is a family table?

About Family Tables. Family Tables are collections of parts (or assemblies or features) that are essentially similar, but deviate slightly in one or two aspects, such as size or detail features. For example, wood screws come in various sizes, but they all look alike and perform the same function.

How do you create a family table?

Click Model Intent > Family Table to create the Family Table and add instances. Instances are the individual variations that populate the table. In the Family Table dialog box, notice the add column button (Fig 3a). In the example, we again click “DRIVE_SIZE” on the geometry.

What is simplified representation in Creo?

Simplified Representations. You can use simplified representation (or simp rep) tools to simplify an assembly by excluding components in a particular representation or substituting one component (CAD part or assembly) for another. Additionally, simp reps allow you to control the amount of data retrieved for a component …

How do I change my common name in Creo family table?

Creo won’t let you change the common name until you change the option from “Rename on the disk and session” to “Rename in session” then you can change the common name of the part.

How do I add a dimension to a family table in Creo?

  1. Click Tools > Family Table. The Family Table dialog box opens.
  2. Click . The Family Items dialog box opens.
  3. Under Add Item, click Dimension.
  4. Select the dimension you want to add to the Family Table. You can add regular dimensions, pattern dimensions, and geometric tolerances.
  5. Click OK.

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How do I add a part to my family table?

to add an item to the family table. Select Component for the type and select the part that you want to add to the family table (the part that you have multiple instances of). , to add rows to the family table. Select the cell within the column for the part you’ve added to the table and the new row you’ve added.

How do I edit a family table in Creo?

The Family Table opens.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Family Table.
  2. Click File > Edit with Excel. Creo Parametric opens the Family Table in Microsoft Excel.
  3. Edit the Family Table. In Microsoft Excel you can:
  4. ◦ Insert new rows.
  5. ◦ Create additional instances.
  6. When finished, click File > Save.

What is automatic rep in Creo?

In an Automatic Representation, the minimum required data is retrieved for presenting the assembly as fast as possible and in the most accurate way. Creo determines what data is required based on user actions.