What is slow West rated?

What is slow West rated?

RSlow West / MPAA rating

Where was slow West filmed?

New Zealand’s South Island
Slow West is the Sundance award-winning western adventure set in 19th Century Colorado and shot on location in New Zealand’s South Island.

What is slow West about?

A bounty hunter (Michael Fassbender) keeps his true motive a secret from the naive Scottish teenager (Kodi Smit-McPhee) he’s offered to serve as bodyguard and guide while the youth searches for his beloved in 1800s Colorado.Slow West / Film synopsis

How does Jay Save roses Life in Slow West?

Silas ties Jay to a tree to prevent him from going to save Rose. He rides toward their house, just as Payne and his gang do. They initiate a shootout, with John being the first one killed. Rose stands her ground to defend herself against the hail of bullets.

What year was the movie slow West set in?

The movie is set in 1870 but many of the characters are using the Colt Peacemaker revolver which was not released until 1873.

Who wrote Slow West?

John MacleanSlow West / Screenplay

What is your review of Slow West?

This is my first review, I wanted to save it for a movie that I was touched by and one that gave me something I didn’t expect, in essence a film that gave me everything that I thought it wouldn’t. Slow West magnificently portrays the human condition, with all it’s defects and strengths.

What is the error code for Slow West?

Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Slow West serves as an impressive calling card for first-time writer-director John M. Maclean — and offers an inventive treat for fans of the Western. Read critic reviews Oof, that was Rotten.

What is the movie Slow West about?

Slow West is an unusual Western about a young Scottish man/boy, Jay (Kodi Smit-McPhee), who is in love and due to a tragedy that he claims to be his fault, his love had to flee to the West. On his way to the west Jay has a run in with some men having a “hunting party” for Indians.

How does slow west portray the human condition?

Slow West magnificently portrays the human condition, with all it’s defects and strengths. It rather wonderfully and in a very subtle way exposes it’s capacity for love and betrayal, loyalty and mistrust, fear and courage.