Are vapor Trail strings good?

Are vapor Trail strings good?

The vtx is Vaportrails own string material, where as the 452x is made by bcy. Vapor trail makes a great string, and their customer service and turn around time are second to none.

Who makes the best bow strings?

Best Compound Bow Strings for Hunting

  • 1)KESHES Dacron Bowstring. What makes KESHES one of the best compound bow strings?
  • 2)Premium Gear B-50 Dacron Bowstring.
  • 3)FLEMISH Fast Flight Plus.
  • 4)Jaguar CRS-004C Crossbow String.
  • 5)Samick Sage & Polaris Replacement String.
  • Buy Compound Bowstrings from 60X Custom Strings.

What strings does Hoyt use?

All Hoyt recurves are engineered to work with the latest high-performance string materials. We have extensively tested and have had good results with the following: Angel Majesty Brownell D75 Dyneema Brownell D75 Thin Brownell TS1 BCY Dynaflight 97 BCY 8125G or BCY 8190.

Are Hoyt factory strings any good?

Hoyt factory (Fuse) strings are as good as aftermarket strings IMO. I used swap them immediately for my own strings, but I’ve shot each of my last 3 Hoyt’s with factory strings for a while with the factory strings and didn’t have any issues.

Are Hoyt strings good?

World & National Champion. The factory hoyt bowstrings and cables have gotten pretty good in the past couple years but as with most OEM strings they can be hit and miss. I’d get the bow and shoot it a bit. If the peep is twisting or you have to keep retiming it then I would go ahead and change them out.

Do you need speed nocks?

The answer is “no,” your bow does not need speed nocks to shoot. However, in almost every case, they will make the bow perform better. The general rule is if your factory string has speed nocks on it, try to duplicate similar weight and location on your new custom string.

Where do you put nocks for speed?

The easiest way to start is by placing a single brass nock at 0.5” from your top and bottom cam. Solo cam bows will typically benefit from the speed nocks being placed near the cam and not the idler wheel. These speed nocks go on the serving, not on the string.

What bow strings does Hoyt use?

How do you find out what year my Hoyt bow is?

Registered. Susie, just give Hoyt a call in the morning with the serial number of your bow and they will give you complete manufacture information on it.

Do Speed nocks really work?

The short answer is yes! If you have already started this process, then you are the type of archer that enjoys tuning your setup and figuring out what makes your bow shoot the absolute best it can. So an hour or so of shooting through the chronograph and playing with speed nocks will be beneficial to you.

What is a TPU on a bow string?

TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane centralizes the weights at approximately 20 grains each and centralizes the weight for performance. The TPU’s are a safer alternative to brass nok sets and will also increase arrow speed while lowering vibration & silencing string noise.