Why does my spot lock turn off?

Why does my spot lock turn off?

Spot lock keeps turning off When this problem occurs, it’s most often due to one of two causes: the GPS signal cutting out, or a faulty setting of the foot pedal. Check if there is any debris stuck under the foot pedal, or between the pedal and the recessed tray.

How do you unlock a Minn Kota Terrova remote?

Pressing and holding the Screen Navigation button also locks and unlocks the remote. Press the Cruise Control button to enable or disable Cruise Control.

What does F mean on Minn Kota trolling motor remote?

Apparently that flashing “F” is code for could be the controller, bad connection, etc.

Does the Terrova have auto deploy?

COPILOT. CoPilot™ gives you full command of speed, steering and prop on/off from a compact, wireless, waterproof remote. The Terrova and Riptide Terrova versions add high speed bypass and AutoPilot activation.

What’s the difference between PowerDrive and Terrova?

The Terrova is designed for serious anglers looking to obtain every advantage to catching more fish. In contrast, the PowerDrive is a lightweight and affordable motor designed for casual anglers who use inflatable boats.

What does RF error mean?

As voltage at the motor lowers the GPS will become less accurate or drop out completely. 1. i-Pilot BT remote displays “RF error” a. This is a fatal error in the remote and it will need to be replaced.

What is the difference between Minn Kota Terrova and Riptide?

The first difference to consider is that the Riptide is primarily designed for saltwater, and has 5 models of which only one has a freshwater Engine Mount as noted above. The Terrova on the other hand is designed only for freshwater.

What is the difference between spot-lock and I-pilot?

So is i-Pilot the same as Spot-Lock? The answer is no. The i-Pilot is an entire GPS built onto a remote. Spot-lock is a single feature within the i-Pilot system.