What does flog mean in Australia?

What does flog mean in Australia?

The word flog is a derogatory term to describe a person considered to be. pretentious, conceited or foolish, and evidence suggests it is Australian. One of. the earliest examples of this sense of flog occurs in a 2006 posting on the online. site Urban Dictionary.

What does the expression flog mean?

Definition of flog 1a : to beat with or as if with a rod or whip The sailors were flogged for attempting a mutiny. b : to criticize harshly He was flogged in the press for failing to take action. 2 : to force or urge into action : drive.

What does flogging mean in slang?

to sell
to beat with a whip, stick, etc., especially as punishment; whip; scourge. Slang. to sell, especially aggressively or vigorously.

Why does flog mean sell?

1670s, slang, perhaps a schoolboy shortening of L. flagellare “flagellate.” This clearly relates to its proper meaning, to whip or beat. However, in (British, and perhaps other) slang, the verb “to flog” has come to mean “to sell” with an implication being that something being flogged is being sold quickly or cheaply.

What does flog mean on social media?

Slang term used to mean fake Web log (blog). A flog is usually a blog that is used for marketing one’s own service or product. These flogs will usually contain content that is written by a paid individual within a company or corporation, and the content may consist of biased reviews and other self-promoting content.

What type of word is flog?

To whip or scourge someone or something as punishment. To sell something. To steal something.

What does it mean to flog a child?

When you flog someone, you beat them as a way of punishing or controlling them. In the old days, teachers were allowed to flog misbehaving students, and it wasn’t uncommon for parents to flog their children as punishment.

What does flogging a girl mean?

a punishment in which someone is beaten severely with a whip or a stick. Compare.

How do you use flog in a sentence?

Flog sentence example And he won’t run – not even if you flog him. It was an indignant letter, the main gist of which was “Don’t flog the willing horse.” We didn’t fall out of anything, we just ran out of road really, you ca n’t flog a dead horse. If the purse isn’t found I’ll flog you, I’ll flog you all.

What does the term flogging mean in public relations?

A flog is a webpage which appears to be a perfectly innocent blog featuring the daily experiences and opinions of a particular individual, but is in fact a publicity stunt set up by corporate marketing departments in an attempt to push the products or services of a particular company.

What is a flogger person?

Definitions of flogger. a torturer who flogs or scourges (especially an official whose duty is to whip offenders) synonyms: scourger. type of: torturer. someone who inflicts severe physical pain (usually for punishment or coercion)

Does flogging still exist?

Officially abolished in most Western countries, flogging or whipping, including foot whipping in some countries, is still a common punishment in some parts of the world, particularly in countries using Islamic law and in some territories which were former British colonies.

What is flogging on social media?

However, a number of questionable business practices are current in the social media. Among these are “flogging” (creating fake blogs) or “astroturfing” (using a pseudonym and a false identity to interact with consumers). Increasingly, companies are resorting to these practices as marketing and publicity tools.

What is a flogger for?

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What does it mean to be flogged as a boy?

Boys (under-18s) were flogged on the bare buttocks. For adult men it was normally applied to the bare upper back, but sometimes a sailor seen to have misbehaved in a particularly childish manner, or who was “too big for his boots”, would be ordered to be “punished as a boy”.