What is 60 degrees on a circle?

What is 60 degrees on a circle?

Angles are measured in degrees and there are 360 degrees in one full rotation that completes one full circle. Since 60 × 6 = 360, therefore there are six 60° angles in a full turn.

Which angle is 60 degree?

In an equilateral triangle, all the angles of the triangle are equal to 60 degrees.

What is 60 degrees on a protractor?

A protractor indicating a measurement of 60 degrees from the right side.

What temperature is 60 degrees in Celsius?

60 degrees Fahrenheit equals 15.56 degrees Celsius!

What is 60% of a pie chart?

For example, a slice of the pie chart is equal to 60% and the pie chart contains a total data set of 150. Then, the value of 60% of pie slice is: (60×150)/100 = 90.

How many radians is 60 fraction?

60 degrees is equivalent to π/3 in radians. Any angle can be converted from degrees to radians and vice versa. For converting an angle from degrees to radians, just multiply it by π/180°.

How do you get 60 degrees?

A 60 degree angle can be constructed by drawing an equilateral triangle. Then an angle bisector will construct a 30 degree angle. E.g. A 90 degree angle can be constructed with a perpendicular bisector.

How do you justify 60 degrees?

An equilateral triangle has all three interior angles 60°. ⇒ Draw a straight line, PQ that will be one leg of the angle. ⇒ Where the arc crosses PQ, make an arc across the first. ⇒ Draw a straight line toward the x.

How do you construct a 60 degree angle with a compass?

Keeping the width unchanged, place the tip of the compass on the point P and draw another arc cutting the arc drawn in the previous step at some point (say Q). Connect the points M and Q with a straight line and extend it to form a ray ML. The measure of the angle LMN is 60O.

How do you calculate degrees for a pie chart?

How do I calculate the pie chart?

  1. Find the total of all values in the dataset.
  2. Divide each segment’s value by the total, to get the corresponding percentage of the total for the pie chart.
  3. Multiply this percentage by 360° to calculate the degrees for the pie chart segment.

What is 60 degrees as a fraction?

From the above equations, we get sin 60 degrees exact value as √3/2. In the same way, we can find the values for cos and tan ratios. The above values of trigonometry ratios are with respect to degrees. We can also mention the values with respect to radians.

How many degrees is 7pi 6 radians?

In degrees, 7π6 is 210° .