What is a antonyms for squirmed?

What is a antonyms for squirmed?

antonyms for squirm

  • straighten.
  • sit still.

What is the antonym of flutter?

Opposite of to wave or flutter in the wind. drape. fall. hang. droop.

What is the synonyms of squirming?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for squirm, like: wriggle, toss, agonize, writhe, sit-still, twist, worm, wiggle, move, repetition and wrestle.

What is the antonym of deflection?

What is the opposite of deflection?

abidance accord
sameness similarity
stay uniformity
harmony likeness
regularity equality

How do you use squirmed in a sentence?

She squirmed under her father’s angry stare. The children squirmed with delight. He tried to hold onto her but she squirmed free. The frog squirmed out of his hands.

What is the synonym of squeal?

squawk, wail, yawp. (or yaup), yowl.

What is the synonym of flutter?

tremor, wave, rush, surge, flash, stab, flush, tremble, quiver, shake, shaking, shakiness, shiver, frisson, chill, thrill, tingle, vibration, quaver, quake, shudder, palpitation, pulsation, throb, oscillation, fluctuation, waver, ripple, flicker. 5’she was in a flutter at the unexpected news’

What is another synonym for flutter?

blink. verbwink of eye; twinkle. bat. flash. flicker.

What type of word is squirmed?

to wriggle or writhe. to feel or display discomfort or distress, as from reproof, embarrassment, pain, etc.: He squirmed under the judge’s questioning.

What is the synonym of deflection?

verbthwart; avoid by turning away. avoid. deflect. deter. divert.

What does the word squirmed?

intransitive verb. : to twist about like a worm : fidget.