Who is Edward Grayson in Revenge?

Who is Edward Grayson in Revenge?

vet William Devane
It’s time to meet Grandpa Grayson on ABC’s Revenge: EW has learned exclusively that soap vet William Devane has just been cast as Edward Grayson, the father of Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny) and patriarch of the powerful Hamptons clan.

What happened to Conrad Grayson on Revenge?

In the season 3 finale, as Conrad is mysteriously released from prison, it is revealed that David Clarke is alive and Conrad is stabbed to death by him.

Who is Grayson’s father?

Edward “Grandpa” Grayson (1932 approx – Summer 2014) was the founder of Grayson Global and Conrad Grayson’s father.

Who played grandfather Grayson on Revenge?

actor William Devane
Entertainment Weekly reports that veteran actor William Devane (24, Psych, NCIS) will play a key role on Revenge later this season, portraying the father of Conrad Grayson. What will bring him to the Hamptons?

What is Grayson’s disease?

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Does Victoria Grayson have another son?

Patrick Osbourne is Victoria Grayson’s son from her teens….Patrick Osbourne.

Biographical Information
Parents: Victoria Grayson † (mother) Jimmy Brennan † (father) Ed Osbourne (adoptive father) Barbara Osbourne † (adoptive mother) Conrad Grayson † (ex-stepfather) Unknow Woman (adopted step-mother)

Is Miss Janie Rickey Smiley’s mom?

Janie has been a friend to Rickey Smiley’s family since before he was born.

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How old is William Devane and Jenna Sinatra?

Sinatra, who’s 18, and DeVane, who’s 19, grew up in the same small New Jersey town.