Why did Dr Browning killed Lynsey?

Why did Dr Browning killed Lynsey?

Lynsey’s murderer was revealed to be Dr. Paul Browning (Joseph Thompson), who had killed her to prevent her revealing that Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) had stabbed herself. The character has been described by Hassan who said she is the “typical girl next door” who sees the best in people.

What happened to Doctor Browning in Hollyoaks?

When Lynsey Nolan (Karen Hassan) is murdered in a whodunnit plot Doctor Browning becomes a suspect before it is later revealed he had killed Lynsey….Doctor Browning.

Dr Paul Browning
Occupation Doctor (until 2013) Club Owner (2013)

Who did Dr Browning killed in Hollyoaks?

In July 2012, Browning is revealed to be the killer of Lynsey as he did it so Lynsey couldn’t tell anyone about Mercedes stalking Mitzeee Minniver it’s also revealed that Walker watched in and purposely decided not to do anything to stop Browing whom is revealed to have strangled Lynsey to death.

Who is Hiltons dad Hollyoaks?

Paul Browning
Hilton Max Cunningham is the son of Cindy Cunningham and Paul Browning, the adoptive son of Dirk Savage, the half-brother of Alex Browning, Holly Cunningham and Alfie Nightingale, and the adoptive half-brother of Will, Liberty and Dodger Savage.

Who was the killer nurse in Hollyoaks?

Lindsey Butterfield
Lindsey Roscoe (also Butterfield) is a fictional character from the British soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Sophie Austin….

Lindsey Butterfield
Introduced by Bryan Kirkwood
Classification Former; regular
Other names Lindsey Roscoe Gloved Hand Killer

Who is the ghost nurse in Hollyoaks?

Hollyoaks’ Nico Blake appeared in Monday’s episode as a mysterious nurse at the hospital Liberty Savage is currently staying in. Nico encouraged Liberty to keep her baby that she had intended to give to her half sister Sienna after a surrogacy agreement.

What year did Mercedes marry Dr Browning?

Hollyoaks Favourites launches on Thursday 2nd April on E4 at 7pm, filling the schedule gap now the soap is down to two episodes a week with classic instalments from the archives, beginning with the 2013 wedding of Mercedes McQueen to Dr Paul Browning.

How are Cindy and Tom related in Hollyoaks?

In 2015 Tom became a father of his girlfriend Peri’s child, and Cindy’s bigamous marriage, when she was still married to Mac Nightingale, and had their son Alfie.

What happened to Cindy’s baby in Hollyoaks?

At Christmas 1997, Cindy gave birth to a daughter inside the backroom of Got It Taped. She abandoned the baby outside of a fire station, and attempted to carry on with life as usual. Later that day, she discovered that Dawn had died from leukaemia.

How many serial killers are there in Hollyoaks?

seven serial murderers
The soap has introduced seven serial murderers so far. However, the murder rate has dropped in the area in recent years. It peaked at an average of 7.4 murders a year between 2011 and 2015, but has since dropped back to an average of 5.4 per year between 2016 and 2020.