How many concerts did pink do in Melbourne?

How many concerts did pink do in Melbourne?

The pop star’s ‘The Truth About Love Tour’ of Australia has swelled to 46 arena shows, including a record-busting 18th date at Melbourne’s 15,000 capacity Rod Laver Arena.

When did pink first tour Australia?

The Australian leg of the tour broke the record for the biggest tour in the history of the country. The Australian shows were attended by 660,000 people and grossed over $55 million….Funhouse Tour.

Start date February 24, 2009
End date December 20, 2009
Legs 4
No. of shows 151
Pink concert chronology

When was Pink’s first concert?

May 2, 2002
The Party Tour was the debut concert tour by American recording artist, Pink. The tour supported her second studio album Missundaztood (2001)….Party Tour.

Start date May 2, 2002
End date December 18, 2002
Legs 3
No. of shows 56
Pink concert chronology

Who did Pink open for?

Home Girl. In 2000, Pink released her first solo record, Can’t Take Me Home, and she earned two Top 10 singles: “There You Go” and “Most Girls.” Soon after, the singer started opening up for the wildly popular boy band *NSYNC.

How much money did Pink make at Wembley Stadium?

The concerts held at the Wembley Stadium, London, on June 29-30, 2019, earned the highest-grossing and most-attended concerts of her career with over $8 million revenue and 70,000 tickets sold in each night….Markets:

Pink | Year by Year Box Office
2004 $20,105,225 466,069 53 shows
2002 $4,130,247 137,121 52 shows

How much were Pink tickets at Wembley?

There will be three tiers of seats as indicated by the different colours, which represent the prices of each ticket. Find out more pricing info below. Standard seated tickets are priced at £45 (purple) / £65 (blue) / £85 (orange) / £99 (green) / £135 (red) plus a booking fee.

How long is a Pink concert?

three hours
How Long is a Pink Concert? A Pink concert tour performance can last up to three hours. Expect up to 20 songs during the show, plus at least one encore.

How much does Pink cost?

He follows me around the world, and now it’s his turn.” Her continued success landed the mother-of-two at the number 43 spot on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list for 2019. In 2017, she was estimated to be worth some $110 million, according to a Business Insider report.