Is Sakamichi no Apollon finished?

Is Sakamichi no Apollon finished?

Whatever else you might think of the final episode – or of the eleven that preceded it – I think it’s hard to argue that Watanabe-sensei isn’t a directorial genius of the first order. It wouldn’t be unfair to say I went into this final episode with a good deal of trepidation.

Is Sakamichi no Apollon bl?

You may or may not know that Sakamichi no Apollon’s MAL entry doesn’t feature a Boy’s Love tag (or equivalent). Why, then, does the summary only feature male names? While straight romance is one major feature of the show it’s the relationship between the two friends mentioned that forms the backbone of the plot.

Is Sakamichi no Apollon worth watching?

Good music and good animation, mediocre characters and plot, and an overall disappointment. If the series had been longer I feel that perhaps the plot and characters would have been more entertaining. But as it is, Sakamichi no Apollon is merely adequate.

How does Sakamichi no Apollon end?

At the end of the manga, Ritsuko becomes Kaoru’s wife (which makes her Ritsuko Nishimi) & she eventually becomes pregnant with his child.

Is Kids on the Slope Lgbtq?

This is because simply put, Yuki Kodama’s original story is pretty gay. There’s a definite sexual tension that underpins the ‘bromance’ of Kaoru and Sentarou, only reinforced by their traditional character profiles; one a definite twin, lithe and lanky, the other a fearsome bear, stocky and well-built.

Who does Yurika end up with?

Junichi Katsuragi
At the end of the anime and manga, Yurika marries Junichi Katsuragi (which now makes her Yurika Katsuragi).

Who does nishimi Kaoru end up with?

In the manga, Kaoru and Ritsuko are shown to have gotten married (which now makes her Ritsuko Nishimi) and she becomes pregnant with Kaoru’s child.

Is Kids on a slope worth it?

The thing that turned this show from good to great, though, is the relationships. Kids on the Slope doesn’t restrain its characters for the benefit of the narrative. These kids feel like people more than almost any show I’ve seen. They make mistakes, they fight, and the romances and friendships feel real.

What genre is Sakamichi no Apollon?

Coming-of-age story
Romance novelSlice of life
Kids on the Slope/Genres

Do Kaoru and Ritsuko get married?

In the manga, Kaoru and Ritsuko are shown to have gotten married (which now makes her Ritsuko Nishimi) and she becomes pregnant with Kaoru’s child.

What is a BL in anime?

Short for Boy’s Love (yes, in English), BL is currently the most accepted and widely used term for anime and manga with gay themes and romantic relationships. It covers all ages and genres within that scope. If you’re not sure what term to use, use BL. Yaoi.

How tall is sentaro?

Class: 1st Year Highschool Student Height: 193 cm 63 Sentaro is a wild 1styear high school student who meets incoming student Kaoru at Higashi High School. Sentaro is mistakenly thought of as a thug by his peers who fear him.

Is Kids on the Slope worth watching Reddit?

This anime is crazy good, I loved the twists, animation and story. If you love romantic coms I strongly suggest watching this.

Does sentaro return?

Kaoru tries to comfort Ritsuko, but realizes that Sentarō will never return. Sentarō remains missing as Kaoru and Ritsuko graduate high school.

Who does Kaoru end up with kids on the slope?

Ritsuko Nishimi

Why is kids on the slope so good?

The story is a really heartwarming. Perhaps, the time background of the story in the 1970s, where people listen to records, no musical score, transcriptions of songs, student movements, and people, makes the viewer feel warm. Above all, the music is brilliant!

Is Kids on the Slope underrated?

Sakamichi no Apollon (known as Kids on the Slope) is extremely underrated.