What day is Beardsley Zoo free?

What day is Beardsley Zoo free?

– June 30, 2021 – Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo will launch its “Connecticut Kids Are Free” for summer program on Thursday, July 1, along with other museums, historical sites, and family attractions in Connecticut.

How much does the Beardsley Zoo cost?

Pricing: General admission $15, seniors (62+) $11, and children (3-11) $12, children under 3 free. Members free.

How long does it take to walk through Beardsley Zoo?

Spend an hour or the whole day and see more than 300 animals representing primarily North and South American species.

Can you bring dogs to Beardsley Zoo?

For the welfare of our animals, no pets are permitted in the Zoo. For the safety and welfare of all animals, Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo does not permit pets or other animals to be left in vehicles or tethered during the stay of our guests.

Does Beardsley Zoo have military discount?

We are proud to offer free admission to active military members and 20% off military families with up to 6 guests. Veterans receive 15% off general admission for up to 6.

Are zoos free in CT?

Under the finalized program, from July 1 to September 6, 2021, all Connecticut children age 18 and under – plus one accompanying adult – will receive free admission to any of the participating museums, including historic house museums, historic sites, historical societies, art museums, children’s museums, science …

How many animals are in the Beardsley Zoo?

305Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo / Number of animals

Does Beardsley Zoo have giraffes?

No lions, elephants, gorillas, giraffes, hippos, seals the list goes on. They don’t even have Bears and its in their name.

How old is Beardsley Zoo?

​In 1922, the Zoo began with a donation of 18 birds and some Barnum circus retirees. ​In 1922, Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo opened its doors to the public.

What aquariums are free in Connecticut?

As part of the “Connecticut Summer at the Museum” program, Connecticut children 18 and under – plus one accompanying adult – will receive free admission to Mystic Seaport Museum and Mystic Aquarium. This program runs July 1 to September 6, 2021.

Are there lions at the Beardsley zoo?

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo’s Rainforest Building has reopened to the public just in time to meet a new resident, she is a Golden Lion Tamarin, an endangered species native to Brazil named Cricket.

What happened to the bison at Beardsley zoo?

Zoo Director Gregg Dancho said, “Bison have had a place at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo for many years. Our last two bison, Dakota and Sweetpea, were a beloved pair that passed away from extreme old age in the past few years. We’re happy to welcome back this iconic American species.”

What happened to the bison at Beardsley Zoo?

Are there lions at the Beardsley Zoo?

How many animals are in Beardsley Zoo?

Is Norwalk Aquarium free?

Aquarium admission regularly is $28.95 for adults, $24.95 for seniors (65+) and $19.95 for children (3-12).

Who owns the Beardsley Zoo?

the Connecticut Zoological Society
Within the first year, eighteen exotic birds were donated. By 1927, the zoo had acquired a variety of exotic animals, including a camel donated by the Barnum and Bailey Circus. In 1997, the Connecticut Zoological Society, a nonprofit support group for the zoo, purchased the zoo from the city.

How long does it take to go through the Norwalk Aquarium?

The Aquarium Allow 90 minutes to explore all exhibits. Our Gift Shop is teacher- and kid-friendly.

Is Maritime Aquarium free?

Does Norwalk Aquarium have beluga whales?

Make it a day trip and you’ll get to meet all kinds of creatures — from beluga whales to a green moray eel. The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk’s conservation efforts, such as those involving rescued corals, seen here, will be the focus of a live Facebook Q&A offered by the Aquarium in the coming weeks.

Is the Maritime Aquarium free?

How long does it take to walk through Maritime Aquarium?

Does Maritime Aquarium have military discount?

Every day – not just on Veterans Day – active-duty members of the armed forces receive free admission and veterans receive a $10 admission discount. (Admission is regularly $19.95 for adults, and $17.95 for seniors 65+.) ID/proof of service is required to receive these discounts.

Which CT Aquarium is better?

According to NYMetroParents, Mystic Aquarium provides visitors a unique experience in the state, making it the best aquarium in Connecticut.

What is the best Aquarium in the United States?

The 9 Best Aquariums in the United States

  • Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta.
  • Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, New Orleans.
  • Shedd Aquarium, Chicago.
  • National Aquarium, Baltimore.
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey.
  • Florida Aquarium, Tampa.
  • New England Aquarium, Boston.
  • Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga.