What is module tag in Joomla?

What is module tag in Joomla?

This module displays tags used on the site in a list or a cloud layout. Tags can be ordered by title or by the number of tagged items and limited to a specific time period. Similar Tags. The Similar Tags Module displays links to other items with similar tags.

How do I add an article to Joomla?

Click the Contents → Articles → Add New Article menu item or, Click the Contents → Articles menu item to open the Articles Page. Then click the New toolbar button or, Create a new Single Article type menu item, and click the Create button under Select Article (only in Version 3.7 and higher).

What is article in Joomla?

In Joomla! an Article is a piece of content consisting of text (HTML), possibly with links to other resources (for example, images). Articles are the basic units of information in the content system and the bottom level in the content hierarchy. Since Joomla! , each Article is in exactly one Category.

How do I use Tags in Joomla?

In the Article Manager New or Edit screen, locate the sidebar on the right side of the screen. Click inside the Tags field, enter the new tag, and hit the ENTER key. When you save the article, the new tag is applied to the article AND it’s added to your Joomla! site for use in other content items.

How many ways can you create an article from the Joomla article manager page?

There are three ways common ways to present Joomla articles: Option 1: Display the article in the Single Article format. Option 2: Display article in the Category Blog format. Option 3: Display a single article in a Custom module.

Can you run Joomla with php7?

Some older versions of Joomla (before Joomla 3.5) do not support PHP 7. However, newer versions of Joomla has built-in compatibility with PHP 7. So in order to utilize it, first update to Joomla 3.9.

What are categories in Joomla?

Categories are the hierarchy used to organize articles in Joomla! A category can contain articles as well as sub-categories. For example, a category called Transport may include general articles about transport as well as individual sub-categories for Trains, Buses and Planes.

What is the default value of created by in Joomla articles?

For example, to show the ‘Create Date’ for an article in your Articles menu items, then set that option to “Show” here and it will be the default value.

How many heading options are there in a Joomla edit article formatting menu?

Joomla core includes 3 editor options: TinyMCE (the default), Code Mirror, and No Editor.