What is the price of QMobile S6?

What is the price of QMobile S6?

QMobile Noir S6’s retail price in Pakistan is Rs. 11,800.

Is Q mobile available in Pakistan?

Latest QMobile Phones Price in Pakistan

QMobile Noir E8 Rs. 27,500 QMobile Noir Z14 Rs. 22,500
QMobile Noir LT500 Pro Rs. 8,500 QMobile Noir J1 Rs. 8,500
QMobile Blue 5 Rs. 8,299 QMobile Rocket Lite Rs. 8,199
QMobile QSmart LT950 Rs. 7,849 QMobile i5i 2018 Rs. 7,699
QMobile Noir LT300 Rs. 7,250 QMobile i8i 2019 Rs. 7,249

Why did QMobile fail?

1. Lackluster UI. QMobile spends an enormous budget on expensive ads that often feature popular Bollywood stars but unfortunately the company doesn’t seem to work too hard on the UI. The latest offering, QMobile Z6 comes with the new Amigo UI, an interface that has been used by Gionee high end smartphones.

Are Q Mobiles good?

It is Pakistan’s quality brand that offers its users affordability and reliability all at once. Excellent customer care with features that spell customer convenience, make QMobile stand at 1st position in the mobile phone markets here in Pakistan.

What is the price of Nokia 108 in Pakistan?

Rs. 3,600
Retail Price of Nokia 108 in Pakistan is Rs. 3,600.

What happened to QMobile in Pakistan?

For those who don’t know, QMobile in Pakistan has been selling rebranded Gionee phones since the start. From the low-end phones to the slightly better ones, they’re always sourced from Gionee’s original phones.

Who is the owner of QMobile?

Mian Zeeshan Akhtar
Mian Zeeshan Akhtar, CEO, Chairman and mastermind behind the success of Q Mobile, has come to be known as the youngest entrepreneur in Pakistan’s mobile phone industry.

What is the Price of Nokia 110 in Pakistan?

Nokia 110 (2019) is a latest cheapest phone available at a price of Rs. 3700 in Pakistan.

What is the price of Nokia 1280 in Pakistan?

2,800 PKR

Model Nokia 1280
Announced 01 November, 2009
Released 01 March, 2010
Status Discontinued
Price 2,800 PKR