Which cartridge alignment is best?

Which cartridge alignment is best?

The best alignment is no alignment, aka linear tracking. But for everyone else, Baerwald is most common as it provides the lowest average tracking error across the entire surface of a record. Some classical weenies like Stevenson for its low tracking error at the inner grooves.

Are turntable protractors universal?

Steps to Line up Your Turntable Protractor. There are cartridge-specific protractors that work to align specific types of cartridges. There are also universal phono cartridge alignment protractors that will work for any type of cartridge mounting.

How do you use the DR feickert protractor?

To use the Feickert, align the pointer over the pivot of the tonearm. The next step is to simply adjust the cartridge so that the stylus drops exactly on the ‘Overhang’ point on the metal gauge. Lastly place the stylus on the outer alignment grid, and by eye set the cartridge exactly in-line with the markings.

How important is cartridge overhang?

Overhang: As the stylus tracks across the record, it is important that the stylus remain tangent to the groove. Setting overhang we are aligning the cartridge to follow that ideal arc across the record.

What is pivot to spindle?

Spindle-to-Pivot distance is the distance from the center of the platter spindle to the vertical axis point of the tonearm. The vertical axis is the point around which the tonearm shaft and counterweight revolve as the needle moves along the playing band of the record.

What is stylus rake angle?

STYLUS RAKE ANGLE (SRA) The angle between the record surface and the cantilever is close to 23 degrees when SRA is 90 degrees. A perfect starting point is to set the tonearm parallel to the record surface and to use the recommended tracking force.

What is cartridge azimuth?

Azimuth refers to the horizontal balance of the cartridge when viewed from the front. This, in turn, determines at which angle the stylus sits on the record groove. The theoretical assumption is that when the Cartridge is perfectly perpendicular to the record groove, the stylus will sit perfectly in the record grooves.

What angle should the stylus be?

92 degree
An excellent place to start the VTA Angle is to visually observe the stylus raking angle. The generally accepted theory is that the optimal SRA Angle is the angle at which the LPs are cut at, in most cases, this will be 92 degree, but a certain amount of variability is possible.

What is tone arm overhang?

Overhang: This is a distance how much is diamond tip over the centre of the record from direction of the horizontal bearing of the tonearm. It is only a starting point of setting up tonearm & cartridge tangential geometry for pivoted tonearms. Optimal overhang does not mean that cartridge is properly set up in tonearm.

What is tonearm offset angle?

The offset angle of the tonearm, as seen in Fig. 1, is taken from an imaginary line drawn from the pivot center through the stylus tip and a line parallel to the cartridge body through the stylus tip. Itasically, this angle is a result of design specifi- cation and not a measurement after the fact of assembly.

Is stylus overhang important?

What is stylus overhang?

The “overhang” is the pivot to spindle distance plus the amount the stylus literally “overhangs” beyond the spindle. The arm’s “effective length” is the pivot to spindle distance plus the overhang.

Is bearing and azimuth the same?

A bearing is an angle less than 90° within a quadrant defined by the cardinal directions. An azimuth is an angle between 0° and 360° measured clockwise from North. “South 45° East” and “135°” are the same direction expressed as a bearing and as an azimuth.

How do you find azimuth from latitude and longitude?

It will tell you which direction you need to point your compass to and what is the shortest distance between two points of known geographical coordinates….How to calculate the azimuth from latitude and longitude

  1. ϕ 1 \phi_1.
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Are longer Tonearms better?

A longer tonearm is better at maintaining the right tracking angle for the needle as it tracks across the record. Theoretically, the longer the tonearm the longer it will maintain the correct angle. There’s a trade-off, though…a longer arm tube is less rigid and that also affects performance.

What is spindle pivot distance?