How many Inspector Alleyn Mysteries are there?

How many Inspector Alleyn Mysteries are there?

She was the bestselling author of the Inspector Alleyn series, a series of thirty-two mystery novels about a London detective. In addition to being a writer, Marsh was also a passionate patron of the theater, so many of her mysteries involve crimes around theatrical productions.

What decade is Inspector Alleyn set?

Ngaio Marsh’s handsome, melancholy Scotland Yard sleuth solves crimes in 1930s England with assistance from his wife, painter Agatha Troy; and reliable partner, Insp. Fox. The stories ran on PBS’s ‘Mystery!’

Where were the Inspector Alleyn Mysteries filmed?

Production: Filmed in England by BBC-TV.

Where was Inspector Alleyn death at the bar filmed?

Kidderminster station entrance
Filming on the SVR ‘Final Curtain’ shows the train crossing Victoria Bridge, then later at Arley. For ‘Death at the Bar’ a closing scene was filmed outside Kidderminster station entrance and on the station concourse, which at the time did not have the canopy.

Does Inspector Alleyn marry Troy?

He spends the years of the Second World War in the antipodes, engaged in counter-espionage work, often under an assumed name. When he returns to England, to his wife, Agatha Troy—and to a murder case—in Final Curtain (1947), Alleyn observes that they have been apart for “three years, seven months and twenty-four days”.

Who played the first Inspector Alleyn?

Overview. The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries is a British detective television series adapted from nine of the Roderick Alleyn novels by Ngaio Marsh. It originally aired between 1990 and 1994. In the pilot episode Detective Inspector Alleyn was played by Simon Williams.

Where can I watch Inspector Alleyn Season 2?

Currently you are able to watch “The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries – Season 2” streaming on Crackle or for free with ads on Tubi TV.

What channel is Inspector Alleyn on?

BBC OneInspector Alleyn / Network

What year was the Inspector Alleyn Mysteries made?

December 23, 1990Inspector Alleyn / Premiere date

When was the Inspector Alleyn Mysteries made?

December 23, 1990Inspector Alleyn / First episode date

What is Albert Campion’s real name?

‘Albert Campion’ is revealed early on to be a pseudonym. In Mystery Mile and Police at the Funeral, his true first name is said to be Rudolph, while his surname begins with a K.