Who is Charity Commissioner of Maharashtra?

Who is Charity Commissioner of Maharashtra?

– Shri Mahendra K. Mahajan was born on 27th May, 1966. Native Place – Jamner, District Jalgaon. – He completed his school education at Jamner and B.S.L., LL.

How do I register a charitable trust in Maharashtra?

Document Required for Trust Registration

  1. Covering letter for Trust registration to the Official having Jurisdiction.
  2. Application Form in Form – Schedule II – Duly Notarised (Download Application for Trust Registration – Maharashtra)
  3. Court fee stamp of Rs.
  4. Certified copy of Trust deed.
  5. Consent letter of Trustees.

Who is the Charity Commissioner of Pune?

Speaking to Sakal Times Pune Charity Commissioner Dilip Deshmukh said, “The institution registration, changing reports, annual accounts, appeals and other applications are being filed. The importance and sensitive matters will be heard and address.” He added, “Eight such windows has been arranged.

Who is deputy charity commissioner in Mumbai?

14) Shri S.V. Pimpale, ACC-9, Gr. Mumbai 15) Shri M.D.Gade, ACC, Head Office. 16) Deputy Charity Commissioner, Thane 17) Shri V.V. Muglikar, ACC, Thane 18) Shri .

What are the powers of charity commissioner?

gift or lease of immovable property belonging to a public trust under section 36; (h) power to enter on an inspect any trust property, to call for an inspect any proceedings of a trusted, and to call for any return, statement, account or report from trustees or any persons connected with a public trust under section 37 …

What does the Charity Commission do?

The Charity Commission regulates and registers charities in England and Wales. It produces guidance for trustees on how they should meet their legal duties and responsibilities. The Commission runs an online register of charities, which provides full information – including financial – about all registered charities.

What is the minimum number of trustees for a charity?

A charities constitution says it has to have a minimum of four trustees to make decisions.

What is trust PTR?

PTR stands for Public Trust Register (India)

What is PTR for trust?

PTR stands for Public Trust Register (India) This definition appears somewhat frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Military and Government.

Can a civil servant be a trustee?

Yes the Government Employee or Government Officer can be the member, founder, Trustee, Director of Non Profit Organisation /Non Governmental Organisation (NGO).

What is Bombay trust Act?

(1) This Act may be called the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950. (2) It shall extend to the whole of the State of Maharashtra. (3) This Act shall come into force at once; but the provisions thereof shall apply to a public trust or any class of public trusts on the date specified in the notification under subsection (4).

Who runs a charity?

While businesses are run by executive boards of paid staff, responsible for ensuring strategic direction and performance, in charities this work is carried out by a group of volunteers, called a trustee board, who are almost always unpaid. Trustees can also be referred to as directors, governors or committee members.

Can husband and wife trustee?

You can be trustee of your own living trust. If you are married, your spouse can be trustee with you. Most married couples who own assets together, especially those who have been married for some time, are usually co-trustees.

Does a charity need a chairman?

A trustee Board, regardless of size of organisation, should act collectively. So yes, you should have a Chair, but the other trustees should support them, as they support the Board.

Can a trustee take salary?

According to the Indian Trusts Act, a trustee has no right to get a salary unless a provision for such salary has laid down in the instrument (Deed) of the trust.

Can an IAS officer run NGO?

How many members are in a charitable trust?

Seven or more members. Only a trustee and a settlor is required to set up as public charitable trust. A minimum number of two members are required for setting up of a Section 8 Company.

How do I start a charity?

Starting a charity can be a big undertaking, but there are basic steps to follow to make sure yours gets started on the right foot.

  1. Define Your Mission. Before anything else, you need to figure out your reason for existing.
  2. Pick a Name.
  3. Register With the IRS.
  4. Make a Website.
  5. Start Raising Money.
  6. Stay Lean.

How do I join a charity?

Use charity watchdog groups’ websites to check on organizations, go to the charity website, or call to get more information. For most organizations, you will need to contact a volunteer coordinator who can tell you about volunteering with the organization and get you started once you decide where to volunteer.