How long is Kenosha Pass?

How long is Kenosha Pass?

Trail Snapshot: Kenosha Pass Colorado

Hike Distance <1 to 14.4 miles Round Trip
Duration Depends on Segment Hiked
Trail Type Out and Back
Starting Elevation 10,000′
Elevation Gain Approx +400′ for shorter hikes

Can you drive Kenosha Pass?

Seasonality – US 285 to Kenosha Pass is generally open all year round. The pass is especially heavily trafficked during the fall when the area’s aspen tree leaves begin to change colors. Vehicle Restrictions – There are no vehicle restrictions leading to Kenosha Pass.

Where is the Kenosha Pass?

The pass is located in the Rocky Mountains southwest of Denver, Colorado, just northeast of the town of Fairplay, Colorado. Geologically, the pass is located atop a large granite batholith (known as the Kenosha Batholith) that forms the spine of the Front Range along the eastern side of South Park.

Is Kenosha Pass the Continental Divide?

From Kenosha Pass to Gold Hill trailhead (near Breckenridge) is 32 miles of hardcore singletrack mountain biking. This is a WORLD CLASS combined portion of the Colorado Trail (CT) + the Continental Divide Trail (CDT).

What mountain range is Kenosha Pass in?

Rocky Mountains
Front Range
Kenosha Pass/Range

What is the altitude of Kenosha Pass Colorado?

9,997′Kenosha Pass / Elevation

Where is the best fall foliage in Colorado?

9 Most Gorgeous Places in Colorado For Fall Color

  • Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • The Million Dollar Highway on the San Juan Skyway.
  • Peak to Peak National Scenic Byway.
  • Kebler Pass.
  • Golden Gate Canyon State Park.
  • Telluride.
  • Steamboat Springs.
  • La Veta Pass and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Spanish Peaks, Colorado.

Where are the best fall colors in Colorado?

Best Places to See Colorado’s Fall Colors

  1. Trail Ridge Road. Trail Ridge Road winds high through the alpine countryside in Rocky Mountain National Park.
  2. Buffalo Pass.
  3. Flat Tops Trail.
  4. Independence Pass.
  5. Kebler Pass.
  6. Grand Mesa Byway.
  7. Highway Of Legends.
  8. Alpine Loop 4×4.

What is the elevation of Kenosha Pass?

What is the pass on 285 in Colorado?

Kenosha Pass
Kenosha Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 3.054m (10,019ft) above the sea level, located in Park County, in the U.S. state of Colorado. The road to the summit is totally paved, full of gentle curves and grades. It’s called US Highway 285.

Is Guanella Pass closed?

Area Status: Closed Explore Colorado’s flora and fauna at its best. Start your tour at the historic silver mining town of Georgetown. Here, Guanella Pass zigzags up the mountainside.

What county is Guanella Pass in?

Clear Creek County, CO
Guanella Pass Information- | Clear Creek County, CO – Official Website.