What does Project Quest pay for?

What does Project Quest pay for?

Through this program, qualified participants can receive stipends of $15 per hour for six to 30 hours they spend learning in one of the training programs — up to $450 a week.

How do you qualify for Project Quest?

General Admission Requirements In order to qualify for our program you must be 18 years of age or older, US citizen or legal resident, have a high school diploma/GED equivalent, committed to train in an approved career track, committed to become full time employed for at least 18 months upon program completion.

How does Project Quest work?

We work with eligible participants to remove barriers, offer financial assistance, and tailor support so you can achieve your dreams. At Project QUEST, we’re dedicated to helping people change their lives. Because that’s a tall order, we screen all our prospective QUESTers.

What is job development training?

Career development training is designed to give professionals the opportunity to evaluate and plan their employment futures, as well as expand their job-related skills and knowledge. Many state and federal government agencies provide employees with career development training opportunities.

What is an induction checklist?

An induction checklist is a well-planned list of activities for a new starter to complete. It covers basics such as how lunch hours work as well as formal activities such as how to submit expenses. It doesn’t cover tasks that need to be done by the employee’s manager before the new employee arrives.

What questions are asked in induction?

They ask the business 5 key questions:

  • What are the most common tasks that someone in this role completes?
  • What is a reasonable performance expectation for someone at the end of induction? (
  • What do you expect a new starter to be able to do at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks etc.

What is induction checklist?