What station is the current in Minneapolis?

What station is the current in Minneapolis?

KCMP 89.3
In Your Car: find your frequency

Albert Lea KCMP 103.9
Minneapolis KCMP 89.3
New Ulm KCMP 95.3
Pine City KCMP 94.1
Rochester KMSE 88.7


Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), is a public radio network for the state of Minnesota. With its three services, News & Information, YourClassical MPR and The Current, MPR operates a 46-station regional radio network in the upper Midwest….Minnesota Public Radio.

Website mpr.org yourclassical.org

What station is iHeartRadio in MN?

101.3 KDWB Podcasts Minnesota Goodbye is a podcast with the Dave Ryan Show after the mics turn off at 10am.

What does MPR news Stand For?

Minnesota Public Radio®
Minnesota Public Radio┬« (MPR) is one of the nation’s premier public radio stations producing programming for radio, digital and live audiences and operates a 46-station radio network serving nearly all of Minnesota and parts of surrounding states.

How do I listen to local NPR on my iPhone?

Live radio from your Member station Say, “Hey Siri, play the station [station name or call letters] or “Hey Siri, play [station name or call letters] radio” to hear live radio from a Member station. Click here to find any NPR Member station in the country.

What is K102?

Qualification Code K102. Introducing health and social Care.

Is NPR associated with PBS?

On February 26, 1970, the CPB formed National Public Radio (NPR), a network of public-radio stations that began operating the following year. Unlike PBS, NPR produces and distributes programming.

Why is Mary Lucia leaving the current?

Ahead of her final show, Lucia commented that she was leaving after efforts to “effect positive change at the company,” commenting that she was concerned about the “equity and fair treatment of all of my sisters at the station.”