Is NZXT a good prebuilt company?

Is NZXT a good prebuilt company?

NZXT’s BLD Starter PC Plus is an excellent choice for a prebuilt gaming desktop. It goes outside the mainstream curve with its all-aftermarket assembly, and it even covers everything with a two-year warranty. Down the road, you can swap out any part. On top of that, it’s a solid value.

Are NZXT PCS worth it?

Competently and cleanly assembled, with well-chosen parts for this price range, NZXT’s Streaming Plus PC is a solid option to get your PC gaming on—especially if you like its understated looks.

Do NZXT PCs go on sale?

NZXT is now delivering quite the holiday-worthy discounts today with the launch of its new Black Friday sale. Delivering an extra 10% off already marked down pre-built PCs, accessories, and more, you’re looking at a series of rare price cuts on top of new all-time lows.

Does NZXT do a Black Friday sale?

Does NZXT have warranty?

All NZXT-branded Certified Refurbished products carry a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase for parts and labor. All non-NZXT branded refurbished products carry a 30-day warranty. Any replacement product will be warranted for the remainder of the warranty period or thirty days, whichever is longer.

How long does it take NZXT to ship?

Our 48 Hour Shipping Promise to You We will make every effort to build your custom gaming PC and ship it within two business days if your purchase is completed by 3:00 p.m. PST on a normal business day. All other standard orders will ship within three business days.

How long is NZXT warranty?

Is Nzxt having a Black Friday Sale 2021?

NZXT Black Friday sale 2021 is now live! – 9to5Toys. Search for: 9to5Google.

Does NZXT do Cyber Monday deals?

Does NZXT offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Yes, NZXT offers Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

What is the best PC for a 10 year old?

Surface Go. A Surface suitable for the young ones.

  • Dell Inspiron Small Desktop. Compact, no-fuss desktop for home use.
  • Acer Nitro 5. Some flaws but a great price.
  • HP Pavilion Gaming. A well-equipped but still affordable desktop for gaming.
  • ASUS VivoBook L203. Small, well-designed, and tough enough for kids.
  • Kano Computer Kit.
  • Does NZXT cover water damage?

    Should our Kraken all-in-one liquid cooler leak due to a manufacturing defect, we will either replace or refund you the cost of the damaged parts as per our limited warranty policy. Valid proof of purchase for the Kraken and the damaged parts are required.