What happened to the Coodabeens?

What happened to the Coodabeens?

AFL radio show Coodabeen Champions will have a new home in 2022, with the group ditching the ABC for ACE Radio’s 3MP. The show has been on-air since 1981, when it kicked off on community station 3RRR., but has been with the ABC for the past 27 years.

How old are the Coodabeens?

Coodabeens Footy Show The program began in 1981 on 3RRR and has twice moved to 3AW. It is now broadcast primarily on ABC Radio Melbourne and ABC Victoria.

Why have the Coodabeens left the ABC?

In a statement, ABC Melbourne said: “Following the end of this year’s AFL season the Coodabeens advised the ABC that they had decided not to return to us for next year. They’ve been a much-loved institution with our audiences for many years and we wish them well.”

Who owned 3XY?

In 1991, 3XY was sold to AWA Limited, owners of 2CH Sydney and other stations, who almost immediately shut the station down and re-opened it seven months later as 3EE.

When was 3 in 1 College and Pro Football made?

3 in 1 College & Pro Footballis a 1984 video game published by Lance Haffner Games. Contents 1Gameplay 2Reception 3References 4External links Gameplay[edit] 3 in 1 College & Pro Footballis a game in which real college and professional players and teams are simulated.

What does 3MP stand for?

Unlike other Melbourne radio stations that were based in the inner city areas, 3MP – as the callsign “MP”, which stands for Mornington Peninsula, implies – was based in the south eastern suburb of Frankston, originally from studios in Bayside Shopping Centre.

When did 3MP change frequencies?

In 1978, as part of the Australian implementation of the Geneva Frequency Plan, 3MP changed frequencies from 1380 AM to 1377 AM. Although the original Articles of Association prohibited any one person from owning more than 5% of the shares in 3MP’s licensee, the station was sold outright to AWA in 1980.

How did the game of football take its form?

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