What is Java StAX parser?

What is Java StAX parser?

StAX is a Java-based API to parse XML document in a similar way as SAX parser does. But there are two major difference between the two APIs − StAX is a PULL API, whereas SAX is a PUSH API. It means in case of StAX parser, a client application needs to ask the StAX parser to get information from XML whenever it needs.

What is XML parser in Java?

The XML parser for Java is a standalone XML component that parses an XML document (and possibly also a standalone DTD or XML Schema) so that your program can process it. This section contains the following topics: Using the XML Parser for Java: Basic Process. Running the XML Parser Demo Programs.

What is StAX API used for?

The StAX API exposes methods for iterative, event-based processing of XML documents. XML documents are treated as a filtered series of events, and infoset states can be stored in a procedural fashion. Moreover, unlike SAX, the StAX API is bidirectional, enabling both reading and writing of XML documents.

What is XMLEvent?

public interface XMLEvent extends XMLStreamConstants. This is the base event interface for handling markup events. Events are value objects that are used to communicate the XML 1.0 InfoSet to the Application. Events may be cached and referenced after the parse has completed.

Which XML parser is best in Java for large files?

When it comes to stream parsing in Java the SAX parser seems to be the most common choice. Most Stack Overflow Answers and Tutorials about parsing large XML files in Java point to the SAX parser.

What is Java marshalling and Unmarshalling?

Marshalling is the process of writing Java objects to XML file. Unmarshalling is the process of converting XML content to Java objects.

What is event in XML file?

An XML Event is the representation of some asynchronous occurrence (such as a mouse button click) that gets associated with a data element in an XML document. XML Events provides a static, syntactic binding to the DOM Events interface, allowing the event to be handled.

What is SAX and DOM?

DOM stands for Document Object Model while SAX stands for Simple API for XML parsing. DOM parser load full XML file in-memory and creates a tree representation of XML document, while SAX is an event based XML parser and doesn’t load whole XML document into memory.

What is the difference between marshalling and unmarshalling?

Marshalling is the process of transforming the memory representation of an object to a data format suitable for the storage and transmission. Unmarshalling refers to the process of transforming a representation of an object that is used for storage or transmission to a representation of the object that is executable.

What is XML marshalling?

Object/XML Mapping, or O/X mapping for short, is the act of converting an XML document to and from an object. This conversion process is also known as XML Marshalling, or XML Serialization. This chapter uses these terms interchangeably.

What is event parsing?

Event-based parsing of an XML document allows you to process data from that document in smaller chunks and in the order in which it is found by the parser. Whenever the parser has found a new logical element – e.g. an element, an attribute, text data, a comment, a processing instruction etc.