Who was the most famous general in the American Revolution?

Who was the most famous general in the American Revolution?

Top 10 Continental Army Generals

  • Horatio Gates //
  • Marquis de Lafayette //
  • Henry Knox //
  • Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben //
  • Daniel Morgan //
  • John Sullivan //
  • Louis Duportail //
  • Lord Stirling //

Who was Washington’s best general?

General Horatio Gates, public domain image He emerged from the Revolutionary War as one of Washington’s most trusted and successful generals.

Who was the first American general?

List of generals

# Name Date of rank
1 Ulysses S. Grant 25 Jul 1866
2 William Tecumseh Sherman 4 Mar 1869
3 Philip Sheridan 1 Jun 1888
4 Tasker H. Bliss 6 Oct 1917

Who is the greatest American general?

From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, World War II, and beyond, many Americans have skillfully led their armies and soldiers, but I believe that George Washington, Winfield Scott, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, and George S. Patton distinguished themselves as our nation’s five greatest generals.

Did 17 year olds fight in the Revolutionary War?

The official enlistment age for the Continental Army was 16, (15 with parental consent) but soldiers could sign on up to the age of 55. The majority of Continental soldiers were young men, usually around 17 or 18 years old.

Was Henry Knox a good general?

Henry Knox (July 25, 1750 – October 25, 1806) was an American military officer who was a senior general of the Continental Army and later the United States Army. He directed the artillery in the successful war for independence….

Henry Knox
Years of service 1772–1785
Rank Major General
Commands Chief of Artillery

Who was Henry Knox to George Washington?

In 1785, Knox became secretary at war under the Articles of Confederation, serving until 1789. After the approval of the federal constitution and the inauguration of George Washington as the nation’s first president, Knox entered Washington’s cabinet as secretary of war, served from 1789 to 1794.

Who were George Washington’s two right hand men?

Alexander Hamilton was George Washington’s “right hand man,” but what did Hamilton actually do during the Revolutionary War?