How does DNA methylation array work?

How does DNA methylation array work?

Methylation arrays enable quantitative interrogation of selected methylation sites across the genome, offering high-throughput capabilities that minimize the cost per sample. Array-based methylation studies can provide valuable insights into the regulation of gene expression.

What is CpG in DNA?

CpG is shorthand for 5’—C—phosphate—G—3′ , that is, cytosine and guanine separated by only one phosphate group; phosphate links any two nucleosides together in DNA.

How does methylation microarray work?

The Human DNA Methylation microarrays enable analysis of DNA methylation and a greater understanding of the epigenetic events that regulate gene expression and key biological processes. In addition, we provide a suite of microarray designed to analyze protein, with ChIP on Chip technologies.

What is bisulfite treatment?

Bisulfite Conversion is a process in which genomic DNA is denatured (made single-stranded) and treated with sodium bisulfite, leading to deamination of unmethylated cytosines into uracils, while methylated cytosines (both 5-methylcytosine and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine) remain unchanged.

What is the Horvath clock?

Properties of Horvath’s clock. The clock is defined as an age estimation method based on 353 epigenetic markers on the DNA. The 353 markers measure DNA methylation of CpG dinucleotides.

What is CpG methylation used for?

Despite their lack of common promoter elements, CpG islands enhance the accessibility of DNA and promote transcription factor binding. The methylation of CpG islands results in stable silencing of gene expression (Mohn et al, 2008).

Why are CpG islands important?

CpG islands are useful markers for genes in organisms containing 5-methylcytosine in their genomes. In addition, CpG islands located in the promoter regions of genes can play important roles in gene silencing during processes such as X-chromosome inactivation, imprinting, and silencing of intragenomic parasites.

Can a microarray detect methylation?

Methylation specific oligonucleotide microarray allows for the high resolution and high throughput detection of numerous methylation events on multiple gene promoters.

What does bisulfite do to DNA?

Treatment of DNA with sodium bisulfite converts unmethylated cytosine to uracil, while methylated cytosines remain unchanged. The DNA is then amplified by PCR where the uracils are converted to thymines.