Is Desenzano worth visiting?

Is Desenzano worth visiting?

Desenzano’s Roman villa is another historical sight worth visiting: the ruins, mosaics and a small museum can all be admired. Desenzano also has an archaeological museum (limited afternoon opening hours) with prehistoric and Bronze Age exhibits from the town and surrounding area.

What is Desenzano known for?

Desenzano is well known also for its many beautiful beaches, all with pebbles: Desenzanino beach, to the north, one of the most visited; Feltrinelli Beach, a little south from Desenzanino, with sunbeds and sun umbrellas.

Is Lake Garda in Italy or Switzerland?

Lake Garda, Italian Lago di Garda, also called Benaco, the largest (area 143 square miles [370 square km]) of the Italian lakes, bordering Lombardy (southwest and west), Veneto (east and southeast), and Trentino-Alto Adige (north). It is surpassed in area in the Alpine region only by Lakes Geneva and Constance.

What is the Italian name for Lake Garda?

Lake Garda – the largest lake in Italy Lago di Garda, as it is known in Italian, is one of northern Italy’s most popular tourist destinations.

Is Desenzano del Garda a city?

Desenzano del Garda is set on the south shore of Lake Garda and, with its 28.350 inhabitants, it is the largest city on the lake.

Is Desenzano del Garda nice?

If you are looking for a well positioned town, the best nightlife on Lake Garda, great shopping (the reason I love the town), excellent restaurants and some very good hotels then Desenzano is the best place to stay on Lake Garda.

Is Desenzano del Garda a good place to stay?

Not very far from Sirmione you will find Desenzano del Garda, the most populated center of the lake. This small town is beautiful, and has many attractions and is very appreciated by the young people for its lively nightlife. Here you will find restaurants and trendy places where you can spend pleasant evening.