What are the 10 classes of supply Army?

What are the 10 classes of supply Army?

Army Classes of Supply: Cheat Sheet

  • Class I – Food, Rations, and Water.
  • Class II – Clothing.
  • Class III – Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants.
  • Class IV – Fortification and Barrier Materials.
  • Class V – Ammunition.
  • Class VI – Personal Items.
  • Class VII – Major End Items.
  • Class VIII – Medical Supplies, Minimal Amounts.

What are the classes in the military?

There are 13 enlisted Army ranks: private, private second class, private first class, specialist, corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant, sergeant first class, master sergeant, first sergeant, sergeant major, command sergeant major and sergeant major of the Army.

What is class 6 in the military?

Class Six Stores sell alcohol, and related items, such as mixers, soda, cigarettes, and drinking cups. Similar items are found at the POST or Base Exchange, but the primary function of Class Six Stores on military installations is alcohol sales.

What is class IV in the Army?

U.S. Armed Forces Classes of Supply Class IV – Construction materials, including installed equipment and all fortification and barrier materials. Class V – Ammunition of all types, bombs, explosives, mines, fuses, detonators, pyrotechnics, missiles, rockets, propellants, and associated items.

What are the levels of military rank?

More than an indication of pay grade, Army ranks provide a system of leadership that indicates a Soldier’s level of expertise, responsibility and authority inside that profession….Officer Ranks

  • Second Lieutenant.
  • First Lieutenant.
  • Captain.
  • Major.
  • Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Colonel.
  • Brigadier General.
  • Major General.

What is class VIII?

Class 8 is a crucial phase in the academic course of secondary school students. The class 8 CBSE students learn the basic concepts of the topics they will study in the higher classes.

What is the order of ranks in the military?

What class is ammo in the Army?

Class V. Ammunition, explosives and chemical agents of all types.

What is class VII?

Class VII – Major end items such as launchers, tanks, mobile machine shops, some parachute systems and vehicles.

What is a Class 12 vehicle?

Class 12 includes vehicles, devices, machines and apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water. This Class also includes motors and engines for land vehicles, as well as couplings, transmission components, and air cushion vehicles.