What is Rspan Cisco?

What is Rspan Cisco?

RSPAN allows you to monitor traffic from source ports distributed over multiple switches, which means that you can centralize your network capture devices. RSPAN works by mirroring the traffic from the source ports of an RSPAN session onto a VLAN that is dedicated for the RSPAN session.

Is Rspan Cisco proprietary?

ERSPAN is a Cisco proprietary feature and is available only to Catalyst 6500, 7600, Nexus, and ASR 1000 platforms to date….Information.

Command Description
On intermediate switch (config-vlan)#remote span Define VLAN as RSPAN VLAN
On destination switch (config)# vlan 101 configure VLAN

How do you set up a RSPAN?

The configuration details are as follows:

  1. Switch 1 (Source switch)
  2. Allow VLAN ID 999 on the Trunk Port Gi0/2.
  3. Filter endpoints on TCP.
  4. Switch2 (Destination switch)
  5. Allow VLAN ID 999 on the Trunk Port Gi0/1.
  6. Add Native VLAN ID 60 and Allow VLAN ID 999 on Trunk Port Gi0/2.

What is reflector port in Rspan?

The reflector port is the mechanism that copies packets onto an RSPAN VLAN. The reflector port forwards only the traffic from the RSPAN source session with which it is affiliated. RSPAN extends SPAN by enabling remote monitoring of multiple switches across your network.

What is Rspan configuration?

Basic RSPAN configuration RSPAN (Remote SPAN) feature allows traffic that is sourced from a switch to be mirrored to a remote switch within a layer 2 network over trunk ports. To accomplish this you will have to configure the destination VLAN across the entire path between the switches.

How do I display the current span or RSPAN configuration?

To display the current SPAN or RSPAN configuration, use the show monitor user EXEC command. You can also use the show running-config privileged EXEC command to display configured SPAN or RSPAN sessions. Was this Document Helpful?

What is the range of RSPAN VLANs?

The range is 2 to 1001 and 1006 to 4094. The RSPAN VLAN cannot be VLAN 1 (the default VLAN) or VLAN IDs 1002 through 1005 (reserved for Token Ring and FDDI VLANs). Configure the VLAN as an RSPAN VLAN.

What is receive span in Cisco switch?

• Receive (Rx) SPAN-The goal of receive (or ingress) SPAN is to monitor as much as possible all the packets received by the source interface or VLAN before any modification or processing is performed by the switch. A copy of each packet received by the source is sent to the destination port for that SPAN session.

Can I configure an EtherChannel group as a span source port?

• EtherChannel-You can configure an EtherChannel group as a source port but not as a SPAN destination port. When a group is configured as a SPAN source, the entire group is monitored.