What is Saleable area?

What is Saleable area?

Super built-up area or saleable area is the total built-up area of your flat (explained above) plus your proportionate share of the common amenities in your building complex.It is also called the saleable area.

What is the difference between Saleable area and gross area?

The saleable area is the actual size of a home, including balconies. Gross floor area includes the saleable area plus a share of the common areas, bay windows and facilities.

What is Saleable area and Builtup area?

Saleable Area as per RERA is the Carpet area or a net usable area where one can spread a carpet. The built-up area includes a carpet area and the extra areas certified by the authorities, for instance, the area of the outer & inner walls, dry balcony area.

What is the difference between built up and super built up area?

The super built-up area is the total sum of the built-up area and the space occupied by common areas like lobby, staircase, elevator, shafts, clubhouse, etc. Often, developers charge buyers based on this area to cover their cost of construction.

Is bathroom included in carpet area?

Carpet area is the actual usable size of the flat/villa minus the thickness of the wall. This also includes the bathroom and kitchen. Any common areas outside the apartment like staircase, lift, security room, etc., are excluded from this calculation.

What is RERA carpet area?

What is RERA carpet area? Carpet area as per RERA-Real Estate Regulatory Authority-is the net usable floor area of an apartment plus the internal walls, which excludes size of external walls, services shafts, exclusive balcony or verandah area and exclusive open terrace.

What is Saleable area in Hong Kong?

Saleable area is defined as the floor area exclusively allocated to a residential unit including balconies, verandahs, utility platforms and other similar features but excluding common areas such as stairs, lift shafts, pipe ducts, lobbies and communal toilets.

What is the difference between GFA and GLA?

GFA, or gross floor area, is a similar metric that describes the square footage of the building out into the external walls. Gross floor area also typically includes outside walkways, terraces, and roofs. GLA, in contrast, only takes into account internal walls, and even then, not those shared with other tenants.

What is Builtup area?

“Built-up area” is defined as the presence of buildings (roofed structures). This definition largely excludes other parts of urban environments or human footprint such as paved surfaces (roads, parking lots), commercial and industrial sites (ports, landfills, quarries, runways) and urban green spaces (parks, gardens).

Is toilet included in carpet area?

What is carpet area as per RERA?

Does balcony come in carpet area?

Carpet area is the area that can be used to spread a carpet inside the house. It is the net usable area of the apartment. It includes the thickness of the internal wall but excludes balcony or terrace.