Who owns PTV Pakistan?

Who owns PTV Pakistan?

the Pakistan Television Corporation
PTV Sports is a 24-hour sports channel owned by the Pakistan Television Corporation, Pakistan’s state broadcaster.

How many channels are there in PTV?

The PTV network comprises seven channels.

When was PTV found?

PTV was given under Television Promoters Company in 1966 which was established under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in the same year. TPC was upgraded to Pakistan Television Corp in 1967. In 1972 PTV Corporation was nationalized. Originally broadcast in black and white, PTV began colour transmission in 1976.

Who is MD PTV now?


Name Designation
Managing Director
Mr. Saifullah Shahid Director Admin & Personnel
Mr. Salman Qasim Khan Executive Manager Admin & Personnel

Who is the head of PTV?

Pakistan Television Corporation

Native name پاکِستان ٹیلی وژن نیٹ ورک
Key people Shahera Shahid, chairman
Services PTV Home PTV News PTV Global PTV National PTV Sports PTV World PTV Bolan PTV Parliament PTV Teleschool AJK TV
Number of employees ~6,000
Parent Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation

Who is PTV MD?

Who is Naeem Bukhari wife?

Tamannah Khanm. 1995
Tahira Syedm. 1975–1990
Naeem Bokhari/Wife

Who is PIA Chairman?

Air Marshal Arshad Malik is a nominated Director since October 17, 2018. He was elected as acting CEO on October 26, 2018 and was appointed regular CEO w.e.f. April 26, 2019 as per PSC Guidelines 2015. Air Marshal Malik is ex-officio Chairman of PIA subsidiaries viz PIA Investments Ltd, Skyrooms (Pvt.)

What is the role of PTV?

On 1 July 2019, Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and VicRoads came together with the Department of Transport to create a properly integrated transport department — in step with other global cities. We don’t plan or operate our road, tram, or rail systems separately — we run a transport network.

Who is the first news channel?

PTV Black & White: the first official television station starts transmission broadcast. PTN (Peoples tv Network)/ STN (Shalimar tv Network): first semi-government TV network launched.

What does PTV stand for?


Acronym Definition
PTV Pakistan Television
PTV Public Television
PTV Planung Transport Verkehr (German logistics software company)
PTV Personal Television