How many pieces of evidence are in Kingdom Hearts?

How many pieces of evidence are in Kingdom Hearts?

Walk through the space in the wall to get to the Queen’s Castle. She’ll want you to find evidence. You only need to get one piece of evidence, however it is highly recommended that you get all four because it isn’t hard and will make the next boss easier, and gain you the Blizzard Spell.

How do you shrink back in Kingdom Hearts?

On your left, there’s a yellow flower — give it a Potion and Sora will grow bigger. Thus enlarged, jump on the tree stump by the entrance, which raises a platform. Then, turn around and grab the seed that sits high in the tree. Eating it will shrink Sora back down.

How do you lock in Alice in Wonderland in Kingdom Hearts?

Just keep swinging the Keyblade at it and it’ll be down in no time. After defeating the Trickmaster, the Doorknob will comment on the racket the battle had created, and his mouth will open, revealing Wonderland’s Keyhole. After Sora seals the Keyhole, the Doorknob drops a Navi-G Piece which is not useful until later.

What do you do after Alice in Wonderland Kingdom Hearts?

After locking Wonderland and Deep Jungle (Olympus Coliseum isn’t necessary), go back to Traverse Town before moving on to the next world. Start off by going to the alleyway in the second district.

Is Kingdom Hearts a hard game?

Kingdom Hearts III was where gameplay and story were at their peak. The third installment is all around a perfect game, technically speaking. It is also one of the easiest to play. That being said, it still features incredibly difficult challenges.

How do you dodge roll in Kingdom Hearts?


  1. In Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Dodge Roll is activated by pressing.
  2. In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Dodge Roll is activated by tapping a direction in the control pad twice during battle.

Is KH1 or 2 harder?

KH1 wasn’t hard, but it definately was harder gameplay than KH2. As for Sephiroth, he’s not that hard in either games, but once again the abilities in KH2 give you the strength of a god and Sephiroth dies a lot easier.

What level should you be to fight Roxas?

I think you already know this, but the playable Roxas boss fight is one the new additions coming with the Final Mix version of KH2. So were should I began. The World That Never was like other levels in KH2 has a battle level, and that is 50. That is the recommended level for that world.

Can Sora dodge roll in KH2?

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Sora learns Dodge Roll LV1 after leveling Limit Form to level 3. Limit Form learns Dodge Roll LV2 at level 3. Sora learns Dodge Roll LV2 after leveling Limit Form to level 5.

Which Kingdom Hearts is the hardest?

Kingdom Hearts: The 10 Hardest Boss Fights In The Series, Ranked According To DIfficulty

  • 8 Dark Inferno.
  • 7 Data Xemnas.
  • 6 Data Master Xehanort.
  • 5 Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts)
  • 4 Unknown.
  • 3 Mysterious Figure.
  • 2 Lingering Will.
  • 1 Yozora.

Does KH1 have critical mode?

So I made a video covering a really cool critical mode mod for Kingdom Hearts 1. It makes for a fresh and amazing experience.

How do you beat Roxas in the world that never was?

The best strategy is to use the Duel Stance Reaction Command whenever possible and steal his Keyblades. Once you have them, hit Roxas with everything you got! But so long as the player heals periodically, Roxas will fall with ease.

Who is Squall’s mom?

Raine Loire
Squall was born to Raine Loire in the village of Winhill, but she died shortly after his birth. Her husband, Laguna, never knew Raine was pregnant as he was in Esthar saving his and Raine’s adopted daughter, Ellone, from Sorceress Adel’s clutches.