What is a fancy word for a party?

What is a fancy word for a party?

In this page you can discover 98 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for party, like: celebration, soiree, fiesta, social, bash, coterie, array, cabal, shindig, bevy and bacchanal.

What is a big party called?

fete. Definition: a large party or celebration. Etymology: First used in the 1754, from the French word, “fête.” blowout. Definition: a large and informal social gathering.

What’s another name for a wild party?

What is another word for wild party?

orgy revel
festivity jag
party rave
spree booze-up
rave-up skite

How Do You Say party in slang?

  1. at-home.
  2. gathering.
  3. knees-up (British, informal)
  4. beano (British, slang)
  5. shindig (informal)
  6. rave-up (British, slang)
  7. afterparty.

What is a medieval party called?

MEDIEVAL BANQUETS. Banquets during the European Middle Ages were often given on such important ecclesiastical feast days as New Year and Pentecost. But the greatest ones for which we have records were given for weddings and the coronation of kings or installation of bishops.

What means party in slang?

to engage in sex play, sexual activity or to perform a sex act.

What is an evening party called?

Definition of soiree : a party or reception held in the evening.

What is a social slang word for a small party?

beano (British, slang) social gathering. shindig (informal) soirée.

What would you call a small party?

soiree. noun. old-fashioned a small party held in the evening in a private house, often including a musical performance.

What are names for social gatherings?

In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for social gathering, like: get-together, party, social affair, affair, social, function and soiree.

What is a gathering called?

association, caucus, collection, conclave, conference, congregation, convention, crowd, function, group, mass, meeting, party, throng, acquisition, affair, aggregate, aggregation, band, body.

What is the word for gathering in group?

What is a fancy word for gathering?

converging, forgathering. (or foregathering), meeting, rendezvousing.

What is social gathering?

Social gathering is defined as interactions among a diversity of individuals of all abilities in small, medium and large groups for social and community purposes. Street life used to be an integral part of the social life of people.

What is an informal social gathering called?

bash (informal), social gathering. with envy.