Who makes the Coolster ATV?

Who makes the Coolster ATV?

The Coolster ATV is a Chinese quad distributed in the U.S. by several companies, including the ATV Wholesale Outlet in California by Doug Stabler.

Is Coolster a good brand?

So, for parents looking for a beautiful ATV with outstanding safety features, the Coolster ATV is a great option. A 125cc 4-stroke engine powers the model. The engine power is enough for novices and children of a certain age. Excellent safety features.

How big is a Coolster 125cc ATV?

The Coolster 125cc 3125XR8 Ultimate Mid-Size ATV comes in various paint schemes and is very affordable….Additional Information.

Tires Size Rear wheel
Height To Seat 24.4″
L*W*H 57.67″ x 36.22″ x 36.41″
Max Load 140 lbs
Package Size 46.85″ x 28.34″ x 25.19″

How big is a 125cc four wheeler?

55.5″ Length, 39.8″ Width, 38″ Height provide a roomy and comfortable riding for you.

How fast does a Coolster 125cc go?

The Coolster 125cc has features including electric start, automatic w/ reverse, dependable 4-stroke 7.6 horsepower, knobby tires, with a top speed around 30 mph.

Is Coolster ATV Chinese brand?

Coolster is a Chinese company that has been manufacturing ATVs for decades. Back then, the market was too narrow as people knew too little about ATVs.

How fast does a 125cc ATV go?

The top speed that a 125cc ATV reaches is 40MPH, which is more than enough to have a blast while trail riding.

How much is a Coolster 125cc ATV?

Coolster 125cc ATV 3125CX – $1,325.00 : Coolster ATV Parts, ATVs, dirtbikes and scooter parts.

Is a 125cc ATV good for adults?

As a general rule, ATV engines sizes from 125cc to 250cc are designed for older teens and adults. 125cc engines are quite powerful and this is why they are targeting older teens.

How fast does a Coolster 125cc ATV go?