What is mometasone furoate nose spray used for?

What is mometasone furoate nose spray used for?

Mometasone nasal spray is used to prevent and relieve symptoms of sneezing, runny, stuffy, or itchy nose caused by hay fever or other allergies.

How long should I use mometasone nasal spray?

You can usually use it for up to 3 months, but tell your doctor if you feel no better after using it for 14 days. If you are prescribed mometasone, your doctor may advise you to use it for longer.

How does budesonide nasal spray work?

Budesonide is used to prevent and treat seasonal and year-round allergy symptoms (such as stuffy/runny nose, itchy eyes/nose/throat, sneezing). Budesonide belongs to a class of drugs known as corticosteroids. It works by reducing swelling (inflammation) in the nasal passages.

Can you use nasal spray for Covid?

Key takeaways: A number of nasal sprays — such as nitric oxide, corticosteroid, and xylitol nasal sprays — are being studied as potential options to treat or prevent COVID-19. No nasal products or vaccines are currently authorized or approved in the U.S to fight COVID-19.

Is budesonide nasal spray bad for you?

Very few people have serious side effects when using budesonide nasal spray. You are more likely to have a serious side effect if you use budesonide for more than a few months or take a high dose. Tell a doctor straight away if you get: damage to your nose or sores inside your nose.

What is the safest nasal spray?

You can buy NasalCrom as a nasal spray at the drugstore. Cromolyn sodium is safe for most people. Ask your doctor before using it if you have wheezing from asthma or sinus pain. Side effects can include sneezing and nasal burning.

What nasal spray Can you use everyday?

It is important to note that nasal decongestant sprays like Afrin® are not to be used for longer than three days, as the label directs. FLONASE Allergy Relief nasal spray and FLONASE Sensimist Allergy Relief, on the other hand, can be used daily as directed for adults and children 12 years of age and older.