Are dolphins still slaughtered in Taiji?

Are dolphins still slaughtered in Taiji?

Dolphin meat is still popular in Taiji, but demand for dolphin and whale meat nationwide in Japan has decreased in recent years, and many distributors and processors have closed.

Why are dolphins killed in The Cove?

The official reason Japan has given for the annual hunt is to use the dolphins for meat, but Dolphin Project says there are other reasons as well. “From the fishermen’s perspective, the dolphins eat too much fish, and the fishermen are simply killing the competition…

How are the dolphins killed in Taiji?

Japan has started its controversial annual dolphin hunt in the coastal town of Taiji. The hunt sees the animals driven into a cove where most are slaughtered for their meat with knives in shallow waters. Other dolphins are sold to aquariums and marine parks.

How are dolphins killed in Taiji?

How much is a dead dolphin worth as meat?

While a dead dolphin may be worth $600 for its meat, this sum pales in comparison to the value of a dolphin sold into captivity. These live dolphins, once trained, are worth over $150,000 each, equaling approximately $3 million for the fishermen in exchange for the 52 untrained dolphins sold last week.

How are dolphins pulled into the cove?

In every hunt, the hunters’ constant banging on metal poles creates a wall of sound underwater. It disorients and scares the dolphins so the hunters can force entire pods to swim straight into the Cove. As soon as that happens, the hunters cut off the dolphins’ escape with nets.

What is Japan’s problem with dolphins?

Demand for dolphin and whale meat has been on the decline over the past years and both have been found to have unhealthy levels of mercury. Animals caught alive and sold to marine parks fetch a far higher price than the meat yet there is growing pressure on the parks not to buy dolphins captured in Taiji.

How many dolphins were killed in Taiji?

PETA’s friends at Dolphin Project report that 740 dolphins were either killed or taken captive in this year’s annual slaughter in Taiji, Japan. For six months, fishing vessels sailed out of Taiji, hunted down pods of wild dolphins, surrounded them, and drove them back toward land and the infamous killing cove.

Why are Taiji dolphins slaughtered?

There, they are either slaughtered for their meat or selected and sold for large sums to aquariums and marine parks. While dolphin meat for human consumption generates only modest profits, Taiji’s fishermen can reportedly sell a live specimen to brokers for about 8,000 US dollars.

Is dolphin Cove cruel?

We went to Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios, which included a “Jungle Trail”. One of the love birds had a big bloody gash on its head. The bunnies were treated like a puppy mill, all of them were pregnant or had new babies.