Is Gispert a good cigar?

Is Gispert a good cigar?

The Gispert’s construction was very good, and it is a lovely appearing cigar. My only complaint is the “airyness” of the smoke output, but the burn line was sharp, the ash strong enough, and it stayed lit.

Who makes Gispert Cigars?

Gispert (Spanish: [xispet]) is the name of two premium cigar brands, one previously manufactured in Cuba for Habanos S.A., the Cuban state-owned tobacco company, and the other in Honduras for the Franco-Spanish tobacco monopoly Altadis S.A., a division of Imperial Tobacco.

What is a Gispert cigar?

In maintaining their legacy, Gispert produces handmade cigars from Honduran and Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos. Additionally, each one elegantly features a Honduran binder and zesty Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. A Gispert is a mellow to medium bodied cigar and tastes of a savory smooth and creamy, cedar-like finish.

Is the Gispert Belicoso a good cigar?

Great morning cigar and pairs well with coffee. The price is on point and the construction of the cigar is on par with higher priced sticks. Will definitely buy more. Was this helpful? I smoke Arturo Fuente’s, Macanudo’s, Montechristo’s and the Gispert Belicoso is as good or better than any of the three.

Is the Gispert Churchill a good cigar?

The Gispert Churchill is an OUTSTANDING smoke that recommend for anyone who loves a great cigar!!!!! EXCELLENT!! Was this helpful? One of my sons and my favorite cigar. We are not gifted in the the language of the aficiodano, but they taste good, burn evenly, draw smoothly, and they don’t leave the after-clog on the palate. Was this helpful?

Is the Gispert a good stick?

The Gispert is a well made, mild stick. I enjoyed it from start to finish. It’s a little light for my taste but burned perfectly, had great draw and was smooth. Was this helpful? Cigars arrived on time and very fresh. Excellent Was this helpful? Was this helpful? 5 out of 5 Consistently good! I’ve never been disappointed by this cigar.