Why does Oedipus curse Polynices?

Why does Oedipus curse Polynices?

Polynices, who had expelled his blind father from Thebes and left him to live as a beggar, has come to ask his father’s support in overthrowing his brother. Oedipus, enraged at his son’s request, stretches out his accusing arms and levies his dreadful curse, by which each son would die at the hands of the other.

What is the curse of Oedipus to his sons?

As he left, Oedipus cursed his own two grown sons/brothers, Eteocles and Polynices had been left to rule Thebes, but Oedipus doomed them to kill each other. The 17th-century painting by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo shows the fulfillment of that curse, their deaths at each other’s hand.

What happened between Eteocles and Polynices?

As time passed, and the two sons aged, Eteocles claimed the throne for himself, exiling his older brother Polyneices. Polyneices then gathered a giant army and attacked Eteocles for the throne. Neither of the two sons won because they both ended up killing each other in battle.

What happens to Polynices in Antigone?

Outside the city gates, Antigone tells Ismene that Creon has ordered that Eteocles, who died defending the city, is to be buried with full honors, while the body of Polynices, the invader, is left to rot. Furthermore, Creon has declared that anyone attempting to bury Polynices shall be publicly stoned to death.

What prophecy does Oedipus tell to Polynices?

What does Oedipus prophecy about Polynices and Eteocles? They will rule Thebes together.

What is the curse of Oedipus in Antigone?

This was the curse that his son (Oedipus) would kill him and marry his wife. It is also thought that Oedipus cursed his two sons Eteocles and Polyneices. The curse was that they would be doomed to kill each other, which occurred during the Seven Against Thebes’ battle.

What does Oedipus prophecy about Polynices and Eteocles?

What happens to Polynices?

During that battle, the attackers were repelled; the two brothers ended up in single combat, and killed each other. After their death, their uncle Creon came to power; he buried Eteocles in a glorious ceremony, but left Polynices’ corpse to rot and be eaten by animals, as he had marched against the city.

What does Oedipus prophecy about his sons?

Laius, who ruled Thebes at the time, was told the prophecy that his son would kill him and sleep with his wife. He and his wife gave their baby son to one of their slaves, who was to bring the baby to Mt. Cithaeron, which was haunted by wild beasts.

What is the moral of the story Oedipus Rex?

Moral Lesson: You can’t always control what your destiny is. You can steer it in the right path though. Also if you want something done it is better to do it yourself. If you don’t do it yourself don’t rely on anybody else.

How is Antigone cursed?

During the battle, Eteocles and Polyneices enter into a duel, during which they mortally wound each other. This fulfilled the curse of Oedipus that both of his sons would kill each other. Now, the only children of Oedipus left alive are his two daughters Antigone and Ismene.

Why does Oedipus curse the benefactor who gave his life for death?

He had robbed himself of his eye-sight, and he would have liked to deprive himself of his power of hearing also. Oedipus curses the benefactor who had saved his life as an infant instead of allowing him to die on Mt. Cithaeron.