Does Kroger still give 50 fuel points for surveys?

Does Kroger still give 50 fuel points for surveys?

Go to or find “Receipt Survey” in the dropdown menu of your app. You will earn 50 points for each survey completed. You can do one every 7 days online or through your app. My experience has been that the points show up almost instantly.

What is a feedback survey?

A Feedback survey is a process used to identify or measure the happiness and satisfaction of different business entities or consumers. It is measured by following the products/services or the working environment of the company.

Is the Kroger survey legit?

Good news for Escue: The Kroger Feedback Survey, which you’ll often find on that receipt, is real and safe. Here’s a good rule of thumb. If the survey is on your grocery receipt and promises fuel points, it’s legitimate.

How can I get free Kroger fuel points?

Our Fuel Points program is made with you in mind. It’s free to sign up and there is no added cost for using your new Shopper’s Card. For every $1 you spend on groceries online or in-store, you’ll earn 1 Fuel Point.

How do I redeem Kroger gas points?

How do I redeem my Fuel Points at the pump? Redeeming is easy! Scan your Shoppers card or enter your alt-id and follow the pump prompt instruction to redeem your Fuel Points.

How do I get more fuel points at Kroger?

“As an illustration, if a customer purchases a $25 gift card, they’ll earn 100 fuel points and receive 10 cents off per gallon,” the company said in a statement. “Customers can redeem up to 1,000 fuel points per fill up, saving up to $1 off per gallon.”

How do you answer survey questions?

12 Tips for writing survey answers

  1. Survey answer choices should be clear and concise.
  2. Don’t use ‘extreme absolutes’
  3. 3. Answers should be ‘collectively exhaustive’
  4. Limit your number of answers per question.
  5. Provide ‘No Opinion’ answer options (when necessary)
  6. Good survey answers are ‘Mutually Exclusive’

How do I request a survey to be filled?

How to ask someone to fill out a survey

  1. Make your subject line interesting. To increase the chances of your email being read, create an interesting subject line.
  2. Greet the recipient.
  3. Explain your invite.
  4. Offer an incentive.
  5. Inform recipients of the survey’s length.
  6. Thank the recipient.
  7. Send feedback.