How do you Unmarry edges in CTS?

How do you Unmarry edges in CTS?

You will need to press the main menu button, select the power level option and then select the stock power level from the listed power levels and the programmer will be uninstalled from your vehicle.

What is a CTS monitor?

The Edge Products 83830 Insight CTS is an all-in-one digital monitor that will provide you with the info you need to know to monitor your engine vitals. With unmatched control and style, the Insight CTS offers the most advanced technology in engine monitoring available today.

Can you put tunes on a edge CTS2 monitor?

Live Tune Changing With Edge Products CS2 And CTS2 Now Available! Edge’s all-new EAS Shift-On-The-Fly allows you to change custom tunes on the fly utilizing your Insight CS2 or CTS2.

Is CTS2 better than CTS3?

The CTS3 now offers a capacitive touch screen that has a super-high degree of sensitivity and will function like you are using your smart phone screen. Also, the CTS3 is running 720P resolution compared to the CTS2 with 480P.

How much does it cost to unlock a Edge programmer?

The Software is free. EDIT: looks like it can: “Unlock a VIN-locked Edge or PHP programmer for use with a different vehicle or reflashed ECM. Files will be delivered through Pegasus software (Evo/Gryphon) or Fusion (CS/CTS).”

Can you unlock an edge tuner?

Edge may be able to unlock your tuner so that you can use it but to find out if this is possible you will need to call them with the unit’s model number, serial number and date code. If they can unlock it there will be a charge to do so.

What is the difference between edge CTS2 and CTS3?

Can CTS3 change tunes?

You can definitely use the Insight CTS3 to switch tunes on LB7/LLY. It uses a serial connection through the OBDII port for the EFI Live tune. Your tuner has to be sure to set the tunes to serial from hardwired.

Do Edge tuners VIN locked?

It is not VIn locked, because its a plug in module and does not reprogram the ECM.

Is CTS3 better than CTS2?

Overall, we find the new CTS3 to be a very nice and recommended upgrade over the CTS2 and sure it will get even better over time with Edge updates.

Can you load tunes on a CTS3?

For those interested in custom tunes for their modified application, the CTS3 supports custom tunes and allows the user to keep an eye on their engine.