What songs did Bell Biv DeVoe have?

What songs did Bell Biv DeVoe have?


Year Single Peak chart positions
1990 “Poison” 1
“Do Me!” 4
“B.B.D. (I Thought It Was Me)?” 1

What was Bell Biv DeVoe first song?

Poison (Bell Biv DeVoe song)
“Poison” is the debut single by American vocal group Bell Biv DeVoe, released as the first single from their debut album of the same name. The song, in the style of new jack swing, a late-1980s/early-1990s hybrid of R&B, hip hop and swing, was the group’s most successful.

What kind of music is Bell Biv DeVoe?

Follow Bell Biv Devoe! The band is best known for their debut album, the multi-platinum selling Poison, a key work in the new jack swing movement of the 1990s that combined elements of traditional soul and R&B with hip hop.

Who sang Poison in the 80’s?

“Poison” is a song by American musician Alice Cooper. Written by Cooper, producer Desmond Child and guitarist John McCurry, the song was released as a single in July 1989 from Cooper’s eighteenth album, Trash….Poison (Alice Cooper song)

B-side “Trash”
Released July 17, 1989
Genre Glam metal hard rock
Length 4:28

Who Wrote Poison by BBD?

Dr. FreezePoison / Composer

When did Poison come out?

1990Poison. / Released

Why did New Edition break up?

With Bobby Brown experiencing substantial solo success, the boys of New Edition felt inspired to pursue side projects and they temporarily broke up. Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe formed the trio Bell Biv DeVoe.

What poisons most famous song?

Poison – “I Won’t Forget You”

  • Poison – “Fallen Angel”
  • Poison – “Your Mama Don’t Dance”
  • Poison – “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”
  • Poison – “Something to Believe In”
  • Poison – “What I Like About You”
  • Poison – “Look What the Cat Dragged In”
  • Poison – “Talk Dirty to Me”