How does spell totem work?

How does spell totem work?

Spell Totem is a support gem that modifies the supported spell so that instead of casting it directly, a totem is summoned that uses the linked spell.

How does totem damage work Poe?

Like any other creature, totems have life, and they will be destroyed if their life drops to zero. Totems do not leave exploitable corpses. Totems cast by players use their skills according to the player’s stats, including modifiers from charges and buffs (like auras) affecting the player.

Does elemental damage apply to totems?

Yup, it does. A very good rule of thumb is that if you see the Tag on the skill, it affects it. Totems, unlike minions, use skills as if you were using them yourself. So if your totem casts a damaging spell, it will benefit from your spell damage and whatever else is applicable: elemental, cast speed, AoE, etc.

Where can I get spell totem support?

It’s a reward from Nessa after killing Brutus. If you picked another gem at that time, you can buy it from Nessa afterwards (on her second tab). That’s the problem, spell totem never showed up as a reward after I killed brutus.

How many totems can you get Poe?

You can only have 1 totem up at a time, unless you get the passive Ancestral Bond to the left of the Templar start area. That allows you to cast a 2nd totem, but you cannot do damage yourself (you can still use traps/mines/minions for other damage).

Does On Hit work with totems?

“On hit” works with totems. “Your hits” does not. So, a corrupted glove with “curse enemies with elemental weakness on hits” works with totems.

Do totems scale with spell damage?

Yes, your fire totems scale with your spell damage.

Does Elemental Overload work with totems?

Your skills can activate Elemental Overload regardless if you are using them yourself or via totems, traps, or mines.

Do heralds apply to totems?

The totem gets the herald so, it (you) triggers the herald when it (you) kills something. Mivo wrote: In 1.2, totems only got the upfront damage from heralds, but not the on-kill effects.

Do charges affect totems?

Yes, charges you can gain affect your stats and thus the skills that totems cast for you.

Does Magma totem scale with spell power?