How old is Kyouya?

How old is Kyouya?

Obi-Wan Takes the High Ground! – The Loop

Kyouya Sata
Age 17 (From beginning to end of the series)
Class Second year class 4
Relationships Unnamed father Hitomi Sata (Mother) Reika Sata (Sister) Erika Shinohara (Girlfriend/Wife) Yuina Sata (Daughter)
Physical and Vital Statistics

Who ends up with Kyouya Sata?

Erika Shinohara
Erika Shinohara However, later on in the series, he realizes his feelings for her and they officially became a couple.

How many Wolf Girl and Black Prince volumes are there?

Wolf Girl and Black Prince

オオカミ少女と黒王子 (Ōkami Shōjo to Kuro Ōji)
Magazine Bessatsu Margaret
Demographic Shōjo
Original run October 25, 2011 – May 13, 2016
Volumes 16

Who does Erika Shinohara end up with?

Eventually, Kyouya and Erika become an official couple as Kyouya tells Erika his feelings.

What anime is Kyouya from?

The Quarry – The Loop. Kyouya Sata is the one of the main characters and love interest of Erika Shinohara from Wolf Girl and Black Prince.

Is Wolf Girl and Black Prince on Netflix?

Watch Wolf Girl and Black Prince | Netflix.

What is kyouya drawback?

Drawback. He can’t remember anything that happened more than two years ago, so he keeps journals to explain his circumstances to himself. He is also not good in physical combat and asked Sorano to take care of fights for him.

Does Kyoya end up with Aki?

In the world of 2018, as the director of the development department of Attraction Point Co., Ltd., he will live in a world different from the future he originally spent. In this world, he married Aki Shino (which makes her Aki Hashiba) and he was the father of a child with a daughter, Maki Hashiba.

How old is Erika Shinohara?

Erika Shinohara
Birthday June 23
Age 16 (Start of the Series) 17 (Pre Time-Skip) 26 (Post Time-Skip)
Class Second-year class 4
Relationships Mr. Shinohara (Father) Mrs. Shinohara (Mother) Kyouya Sata (Boyfriend/Husband) Yuina Sata (Daughter)

Are Kyoya and Nana related?

Nana is Kyoya’s sister. Kyoya’s said that his sister is younger than him, but the last round of killings on the island took place five years ago, with Jin’s class.

Is there a season 2 of Remake Our Life?

We expect that in season 2, Kyoya and Keiko will travel back in time once more. This time, the story’s concern will shift from Kyoya to other team members. Kyoya will learn that Shinozaki is fighting to keep up with her motivations. Therefore, inspiring her is going to be his first mission.

Who is Nana’s older brother?

If Kyoya is Nana’s brother, it gives her parents a concrete reason for wanting to protect the Talented, beyond just being good people. He might have left home because it was safer, and he may have come back after all this time because he heard about what happened to them.