Is A Long Way from Chicago a true story?

Is A Long Way from Chicago a true story?

A Long Way from Chicago is a “novel in stories” (or short story cycle) by Richard Peck….A Long Way from Chicago.

First edition
Author Richard Peck
Subject Coming of age
Genre Children’s historical fiction
Published September 1, 1998 Dial Press

What is the moral of the story A Long Way from Chicago?

Friendship is a theme. Grandma saves Effie Wilcox’s house from the bank, even though she declares her an enemy earlier in the book. Small town life and community is also a theme that Joey and Mary Alice learn about with each visit.

What age for A Long Way from Chicago?

Heartwarming, funny for kids 8 and up along with their parents.

What reading level is A Long Way from Chicago?

A Long Way from Chicago by Richard Peck

Interest Level Reading Level Reading A-Z
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 3 – 8 V

What is the main problem in a Long Way from Chicago?

Wilcox. The most upsetting thing that happens over the course of Joey and Mary Alice’s visits to their grandmother is when Mrs. Wilcox—Grandma Dowdel’s friend—can no longer make payments on her house and leaves to stay with her sister in another town.

What lies did grandma tell Ernie?

Joey is appalled by her lies. After the kid leaves, Grandma tells them that Ernie is the youngest of the four Cowgill boys and that she had the rifle out when he came over as bait. Joey is working in the garden when he hears Mary Alice scream.

What is the setting of a long way from Chicago?

Every summer from 1929-1935, in A Long Way from Chicago, Joey Dowdel and his younger sister, Mary Alice, are sent to spend a week with their grandmother in her small Illinois town located halfway between Chicago and St. Louis.

What reading level is a year down yonder?

grades 5-8
A Year Down Yonder Reading Level The intended audience for this book is grades 5-8. Most children in this range should be able to read this book on their own, with the exception of most fifth graders, who (on average) do not read on this reading level until the end of fifth grade.

What does Grandma Dowdel do when the news reporter comes to question her about Shotgun Cheatham?

When a newspaper reporter shows up on their doorstep asking about Shotgun Cheatham, the kids are certain that Grandma Dowdel will scare him off…but instead, she invites him right in.

What is the climax in a Long Way from Chicago?

Joey’s decision to join the army air corps is the climax of the story.

What is the resolution in a Long Way from Chicago?

Resolution: Grandma Dowel hid in the kitchen and when they broke in trying to get the gun, she was hiding in the kitchen with the gun. The kids thought she was at her sisters so they broke in. She held the five kids at gun point and Mary Alice and Joey went to go to the store where Effie Wilcox works to tell her.