What are the 10 basic codes?

What are the 10 basic codes?

Official Ten-Code List Association of Public Communications Officers (APCO)

  • 10-0 Caution.
  • 10-1 Unable to copy — change location.
  • 10-2 Signal good.
  • 10-3 Stop transmitting.
  • 10-4 Acknowledgement (OK)
  • 10-5 Relay.
  • 10-6 Busy — stand by unless urgent.
  • 10-7 Out of service.

What is a 10-60 FDNY?

10-60 Code 1 Major Emergency Response – Enhanced 2nd Alarm – 10-60 assignment plus: 2nd Alarm if not transmitted prior to the 10-60 Code 1. 5 Additional Engine companies. 3 Additional Ladder Companies.

What is an FDNY 10 45?

10-45 D.O.A. OR SERIOUS INJURY Transmitted IMMEDIATELY upon the discovery of a fatality or serious injury at a fire or emergency. This shall be followed as soon as possible with the appropriate Code and the number of victims.

What does the 10 mean in 10 codes?

Police codes Note: 10 codes can vary greatly from department to department. Code. Meaning. 10-0. Use Caution.

What is a 10/22 fire code?

10-22 Disregard the last assignment. 10-22c Leave area if all secure. 10-23 Standby. 10-24 Request car-to-car transmission.

What does a 10 45 mean?

10-45D is used to communicate that the patient is deceased. Police codes are used to make communications quick and effective for officers in the field, as they require real-time information because they are dealing with life and death situations.

Why does the FDNY say K?

The use of the letter K is a holdover from the days of telegraph. It was sent at the end of a transmission to indicate that I am finished sending and I await your reply. It is similar to the military use of the word over.

What is a code 1045?

10-45A Condition of patient is good. 10-45B Condition of patient is serious. 10-45C Condition of patient is critical. 10-45D Patient is deceased. 10-46 Sick person [ambulance enroute]

What is the 10 code for beginning shift?

APCO 10 Codes

10 Code Meaning
10-40 Do not use Siren and Flashers
10-41 Beginning Shift
10-42 End Shift
10-43 Information

What is a 10 13 EMS code?

10-12 – [MISS] Stand by, remain alert, stop. 10-13 – [BOTH] [Advise weather and road conditions. 10-14 – [CA] Convoy or escort detail. 10-14 – [MISS] Report of Prowler.

What is a 1075 fire code?

What does placard 1075 mean? UN 1075 is liquefied petroleum gas. Labelmaster offers UN1075 Hazard Class 2 Flammable Gas placards in many different materials for all weather conditions and usage needs.

What is the 10 code for a break?

Police and other agencies use 10 codes to verbally communicate efficiently….Police 10 Codes. General Purpose.

10-1 Unable Copy – Change Location
10-95 Prisoner / Subject in Custody
10-96 Mental Subject
10-97 Check (Test) Signal
10-98 Prison / Jail Break